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It is very unlucky to purchase Tarot Cards; they must be
given to you. Once someone gives them to you, you must wrap
them in silk and then place them in a satin bag for storage.
If you do not store them in this manner, they will bring you bad luck. You may only give the Tarot cards to someone who
really wants them.

Submitter comment: Elinor found out about these proscriptions regarding Tarot
cards when she casually mentioned to an acquaintance that she
was interested in buying some. The woman became alarmed that
Elinor might bring bad luck upon herself, and so gave her
the set which she owned, and instructed her in the proper
(safe) way to store them. Elinor was careful to follow the

Where learned: MICHIGAN ; FRASER

Keyword(s): occult, magic, precaution

Subject headings: BELIEF -- Use of Object
BELIEF -- Bad luck Objects

Date learned: 00001960S

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"A townswoman was suspected of being a witch. Papa's
sister was sick and no doctor could cure her. They found
a cat in her room. Papa took the cat, put it in a bag,
beat it and threw it in the river. The next morning, they
found the woman (who was thought to be a witch) all
beaten by the side of the river, and Papa's sister got
well. The woman was obviously a witch. (Papa is my father's

Submitter comment: This a verbatim account from Maryann Leisner which quotes
a story that her father, Phillip Melone, tells frequently.
He heard it from his father (in Italian) as he was growing
up, and believes it to be a true story.

Where learned: ILLINOIS ; SKOKIE

Keyword(s): Occult

Subject headings: PROSE NARRATIVE -- Witch Shaman
BELIEF -- Witch Shaman
BELIEF -- Method of Curing
BELIEF -- Conversions Animals
BELIEF -- Control Prevention Provocation Protection P892.1

Date learned: 00001930S

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