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Play on Words

Sermon Using Names of Soaps and Detergents

Are you SOFT SOAPING God? DUZ you DRIFT along with the TIDE? VEL now is the time to CHEER up. If you want real JOY, the TREND is to BREEZE to church regularly on Sunday mornings. But too many WOODBURY their heads in a pillow and remain in bed or work in their yard to make it sparkle, forgetting that the Lord's Day is made for LESTOIL.



But where the Lord is given foremost consideration a DOVE will never have to send an S.O.S.. Don't trust LUX chances by neglecting our worship together.

Maybe we ought to DIAL you and remind you of those IVORY palaces up yonder. This is not just silly BAB-O. Worship is intended to add to your LIFEBOUY, so why not be faithful and WISK yourself out of bed early Sunday. Dress up SPIC'N'SPAN, DASH like a COMET to God's house of prayer. DRAISE to God, you'll get a wonderful KLENZER for your soul. PLEDGE yourself and PRIDE of conscience will be yours. Life will be full of ZEST.

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Original BN [B644, B667] crossed out and replaced with S570.

Original title [STORY Using Names of Soaps and Detergents] is modified to read SERMON Using Names of Soaps and Detergents.

Where learned: MICHIGAN ; DETROIT

Keyword(s): ADVERTISING ; Anecdote ; Cleanser ; Consumerism ; Domesticity ; HOME, DOMESTIC PURSUITS ; HOUSECLEANING ; PARODY ; Sermon ; Soap

Subject headings: SPEECH -- Formula

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