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Sexual harassment
Sexual Harassment Prevention

The University of Detroit Mercy has a commitment to educate, counsel and train all members of the University community about the harm caused when professional relationships are distorted by sexual harassment. It affirms the ethical obligation of each member of the University community to foster learning and maintain an environment free from sexual coercion, intimidation, and exploitation.

From the University's Human Resources web pages, there are three factors that guide the University's approach to sexual harassment preventions:

  • Every member of the UDM community -- student, faculty and staff is entitled to a sexual harassment-free and non-hostile  environment
  • Every member of the UDM community -- students, faculty and staff is responsible for ensuring a harassment-free environment and non-hostile environment for themselves and classmates
  • The University has a policy and procedures in place to prevent harassment and deal with it quickly and effectively if it does occur.

A copy of the University's Sexual Harassment Prevention policy and procedures is available on the University's website. Any student who feels he/she has been the subject of sexual harassment or a hostile environment should immediately take the steps outlined in the policy. The names of the University Sexual Harassment Contact Persons are also available on the site.

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