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Use Your Smart Phone as a Web Cam

Whether you are trying to run a Collaborate session or pre-record a lecture for your course, you probably want access to a web camera. IDS has had a number of folks asking for web camera recommendations. The good news is that you may already have a perfectly good web camera, in the form of your smart phone.

The camera on your phone is likely much better than any web camera you'd be likely to purchase. Add in an inexpensive phone tripod and you've got a flexible-use document camera / web cam. Collaborate's SHARE CAMERA option even lets you share your phone camera much like you'd share a PowerPoint or desktop application -- point your camera at a sheet of paper (or a dollar-store whiteboard) and you've got a decent whiteboarding set up.

There is a little bit of set-up involved. Depending on whether you're on iOS or Android the steps are different.

iOS users should check out this set of instructions / recommendations from Gizmodo.

Android users should see this set of instructions from Digital Citizen

Permalink Last updated 08/12/2020 by R. Davidson

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