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Post a file to a team

There are a couple ways you can share a file with your team. To post a file into the chat space, simply click the paperclip button beneath the posting space. Browse for your file on your computer, one your University OneDrive, or in your Team's file space, and select the appropriate file.

Post a file


Your file will be added to the team's Files space.

Select files


You can also upload a file directly to the files space by clicking Files at the top of your team, then clicking UPLOAD.

upload file

You can view the file in Teams by clicking the file name.

Click file to view


From the view page, you can choose to edit the file in Teams, in Word Online, or on your desktop by clicking EDIT then selecting the appropriate option.

Edit options


The ellipsis button gives you download options for the file.

Files download options


You can view the message in it's conversation context (to see, for example, suggestions made by a peer), by clicking the little speech-bubble on the right of the EDIT, Close and ellipsis buttons.

file in conversation


For more options, click the ellipsis button on the files menu.

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