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Word-to-test conversion

The question-creation process in Blackboard can be a little tedious. If you’re looking to create a test or pool of questions quickly, a faster option may be to send IDS an appropriately formatted Word file. IDS can generate a question pool or test from that Word (or other simple text) file in about two business days. Just email the file to

In your email, indicate the course you’d like the questions added to, preferably by CRN or courseID (e.g., 20472_CIS1000-03_2016). If you’d like a full test created, indicate where in the course you’d like the test added, along with any settings you’d like applied (points per question, availability dates, time limit, force completion, etc).

NOTE: IDS CAN ONLY CONVERT PROPERLY FORMATTED WORD FILES. If your file is not properly formatted, it will be returned with instructions on how to correct the format. IDS WILL NOT REFORMAT IMPROPERLY FORMATTED FILES.

Fortunately, the format is extremely easy to follow.


Formatting a Text File for Conversion to a Test or Pool

Respondus will import Multiple Choice, True-False, Essay, Fill in the Blank, and Multiple Answer questions.

You may use Notepad (.txt) or Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Text edit (for mac), and save the file in the “Standard Format” before it can be imported into Respondus.

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