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Honors Convocation

University of Detroit

Institution president: Mitchell, Robert A., SJ

College of Engineering and Science

University Center Ballroom

Speaker / Addess: Albright, R. Gerald, SJ; Albright, R. Gerald, SJ; Cavanagh, Gerald F., SJ; Cavanagh, Gerald F., SJ; Kent, James; Kent, James

Special honors: Ayala, Adan; Ayala, Adan; Bernacchi, Michael; Bernacchi, Michael; Bernacchi, Michael; Buekers, Thomas; Buekers, Thomas; Campeau, Ross; Campeau, Ross; Cascio, Raymond; Cascio, Raymond; Cascio, Raymond; Clark, Laura; Clark, Laura; Combs, Wayne; Combs, Wayne; Coppoletti, Daryl; Coppoletti, Daryl; Dubois, Kenneth; Dubois, Kenneth; Dunstone, John; Dunstone, John; Einhauser, Gary; Einhauser, Gary; Forner, Lisa; Forner, Lisa; Fratarcangeli, Mary; Fratarcangeli, Mary; Gonzalez, Michelle; Gonzalez, Michelle; Griffith, Rick; Griffith, Rick; Hendler, Jason; Hendler, Jason; Hutchinson, Douglas; Hutchinson, Douglas; Ignatoski, Michael; Ignatoski, Michael; Kaczmarski, James; Kaczmarski, James; Lynch, Russell; Lynch, Russell; Marlett, Margaret; Marlett, Margaret; McNamara, Cynthia; McNamara, Cynthia; Michelini, John; Michelini, John; Myers, Sharon; Myers, Sharon; Ovies, Theresa; Ovies, Theresa; Oweis, Thomas; Oweis, Thomas; Pumford, Kenneth; Pumford, Kenneth; Sanford, Joseph; Sanford, Joseph; Sekerak, Bernice; Sekerak, Bernice; Simon, Gerald; Simon, Gerald; Simon, Gerald; Stolarski, Michael; Stolarski, Michael; Thein, Gregory; Thein, Gregory; Thein, Gregory; Tilmann, Cheryl; Tilmann, Cheryl; Tilmann, Cheryl; Uschold, Robert; Uschold, Robert; Wang, Yung-Da; Wang, Yung-Da; Zamora, Rolando; Zamora, Rolando; Zamora, Rolando

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