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Maurice Greenia, Jr. Collections
Paintings Collection

Since 1977, Mr. Greenia has created hundreds of paintings, most on stretched canvas. Some canvases he bought or found ready to be painted, others he had to stretch and prime himself. He also uses canvas paper and canvas board, a primed canvas mounted on thick cardboard.

He sometimes paints on odd blocks of wood, including two-by-fours and larger, flatter scraps. Several of his paintings are executed on glass or mirrors. He also likes to paint on large, loose banners of rough burlap. He's painted on scraps of brown cardboard, including a series of "drip paintings" he did while working in a factory.

He loves both popular mediums. A good estimate is that two thirds are acrylic paintings and one third are oil paintings.

Most of this work is small to medium size, with around thirty or forty large paintings.

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