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Poetic Express Volume 20

In 2005, I celebrated twenty years of continuous publication of the POETIC EXPRESS.  For the anniversary in April, I did three issues including another Inventory poem and a full-page comic strip version,  with drawings and poetry.  Also, in October, I had an exhibit marking this milestone.  It was at  the library, here on the McNichols Campus of the University of Detroit Mercy.

In August,in Numbers 16 and 17, I salute New York City, inspired by yet another visit. Issue Number 18 is in memory of surrealist poet Philip Lamantia.  I met him in 1977, in San Francisco.  Number 2 is in memory of my friend Jacques Karamanoukian, in connection with Le Minotaure Lives, a memorial or tribute exhibition at the Zeitgeist.

The 19th annual Dedications Issues, comprises Numbers 24 and 25. Included is the poem drawing on paper, for the late Detroit artist Sam Mackey.  Also, smuggled is for writer Franz KafkaA certain Mid-Day is for movie comedian Harold Lloyd.  Then, in memory of Richard Pryor, I wrote for the joke-king.

Personal Favorites: Number18's uncharted waters, Number 19's exhausted sphere, and Number 20's in the splintered cabinet.

SURREAL THEATRE favorites include Numbers 6, 19, 21, and 24.

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