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Poetic Express Volume 18

In 2003, I finished the objects and places series.  My email address now appears on one page a month.  The SURREAL THEATRE goes into a nighttime setting and winds up its impressions of a day.  It concludes with a larger strip with two rows of panels.  I also finish up the Emotional Digest series.

Points of interest in this volume include Number 9's autobiographical poem this too, is another moment of my life and Number 13's Late night tour of Detroit. Number 17 has further poems based on my life, riding buses and walking.  Number 18 is done in black marker pen.  The 17th Emotional Digest Issues in Numbers 21 and 22 includes poems on happiness, woes, crying, Rage, and then too, the oblivious. This concludes the Emotional Digest series, though feelings remain unavoidable!

The 17th Dedications Issues took up three issues (Numbers 23 to 25).  For writer Edward Young, author of Night Thoughts I wrote starfield.   For surrealist poet Rene Crevel, I wrote from the arcane encyclopedia.  For actor John Garfield, I wrote fool's sky.  For jazz musician-composer Sam Rivers, there's station-stamina.   To get personal, there's also one called dedicated to you.

Personal Favorites: Number 7's procedure, Number 18's spiral (a picture poem), and dictionary.  Another favorite is Number 25's from the arcane encyclopedia.  

SURREAL THEATRE favorites include Numbers 9, 11, 17, and 25.

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