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Poetic Express Volume 14

In 1999, I was in two more art exhibits in France.  I didn't get to go there this time.  After 14 years, my work situation came to an end when Crowley's went bankrupt in February.  I spent most of the year "unemployed" and tasting life as a full time artist.  I can make a lot more work without having 40 or 50 hours a week being otherwise occupied.  I was also in four art exhibits in Detroit and one in Canada.

Number 14 has a quote from O. Henry.  It's rare for me to include quotes in the EXPRESS.  In Numbers 15 and 16 I include two typewritten poems: Walking in New York and Walking in Detroit.

In Number 19, there's a one-off comic called OUTSKIRTS with a triangular/circular layout.  In Number 20, I've used a vertical SURREAL THEATRE.  The strip continues with its "impressions of a day in progress" theme.  Number 10, includes a rare poem in my cursive writing.  I usually stick to printing.

Numbers 21 and 22 present the 13th annual Emotional Digest issues including pain, pride, intoxication and resentment.  The "bonus issue" is Number 23's A Short History of 20th Century Art.

This leads into the 13th annual Dedications Issues.  For musician Hoagy Carmichael, I wrote Mister Ease.  For the great Harry Partch I wrote harvest the spheres of old delusion.  The poem torn all up is for Muhal Richard Abrams.  I wrote Star Bones for cartoonist Virgil Partch who was Harry's nephew.  For the great silent film actress Louise Brooks, I wrote here and there.  There is also a poem called silent movies for my fellow silent movie buff, artist Joseph Cornell.

Other dedications include poems for jazz trumpeter Booker Little in Number 5.  Pianist-composer Jaki Byard had recently been murdered.  Jaki used to play with Charles Mingus.  I saw him play live in New York at least twice.  In Number 7, I wrote those who think, those who feel, those who dream in his memory.

Personal Favorites: springtime in Number 8, A short history of mystery in Number 14, the great enemy in Number 19, and harvest the spheres of old delusion in Number 24.

SURREAL THEATRE favorites include Numbers 12, 14, 16, and 20.

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