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Poetic Express Volume 13

In 1998 Jim Puntigam and I founded a new musical group, the Space Band.  This was later changed to the Spaceband, one word.  I was in four art exhibits, including a two-person show at the Zeitgeist. It was a full, busy year.  I saw my work on the Hudson's Building come down with the building. It was demolished in October.  It had been fenced off all year, so I couldn't work on it.  I made sure that I was ten or twelve blocks away in order to avoid the dust.

1998 brought the POETIC EXPRESS into a more prolific dimension. The publication changed to at least two pages every month instead of just one. SURREAL THEATRE started a new series going through a day in Poptown from daybreak to late night.

In Number 5 there's a dramatic photo booth series shot, in New York.  In Number 19 there's a collage made of old engravings and some bamboo pen drawings.

Special Issues include Number 2, on Play and Number 3, on my Hudson's Building Drawings.  In Number 7, I visit the madlands. In Number 8, I celebrate my twenty year anniversary as a serious artist. Issue Number 11 is dedicated to S-words ("swords").  Number 13 was created in New York City .

Numbers 21 and 22 form the 12th annual Emotional Digest issues.  Poems explore enthusiasm and the wasted.  Others include for Broken Hearts and for unguarded moments.  Then, there's a response to the question Why does it happen this way?

In Number 20, I dedicate a poem to my father. The 12th Annual Dedications Issues are Numbers 23 and 24.  They include postulate for Marcel Duchamp and parade (in paint) for Hieronymous Bosch. There are also poems for jazz pianists-composers Jelly Roll Mortonin triple time and Bud Powellthe glass enclosure. There's also a poem, I Mean You for Aime Cesaire, born in 1913.  He was my candidate for "greatest living poet."  I don't read French well, but even in translation, he's brilliant.  (Note, he died ten years later, in 2008).

Personal Favorites: these include grey areas and paradise of analogy from Number 10.  I also quite like the middle of the forest from Number 15, new forms of poetry from Number 16, the "headline poem" from Number 18 and the glass enclosure from Number 23.  

SURREAL THEATRE favorites include Numbers 1, 4, 6 another very abstract one, 8, and 20.

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