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Poetic Express Volume 03

In 1988, I started the year with a trip to Athens, Georgia.  In June, I did my first public puppet show performances Detroit's old Trobar Gallery.  I was in a two person art exhibit there.  In this volume, I continue doing the master copies on thin paper.  Only Issue 5 is on Bristol board.  I played with collage, frottage and used the typewriter some.

Number 15, Special Edition #6 is a Favorite Poets List and includes poets who use mediums other than writing: music, cinema, painting, cartooning, drawing and life itself.

SURREAL THEATRE in several issues is mainly "one-offs" including comments on Poptown and the Flirko family in New York.

The second Emotional Digest Issue, in issue Number 13 includes hate, fear, and dreaminess.

The second Dedications Issue, Number 9 includes poems for cartoonist and animator Chuck Jones, musician and composer Ornette Coleman, and poet Sam Greenberg, who died in 1917 at age 23. Also included is one for Ernie Kovacs, the funniest man ever on television.

Personal Favorites: Number 3's day in court is sort of a giddy dadaist language poem.  Number 4's the tip of the iceberg tastes the absurd magic of the world with stops at romanticism and death.  Number 6's past life and death/I search for breath is some sort of surrealist travelogue.  Finally, Number 12's nightime stories (for Charles Addams and John Lennon) is one of my all time favorite humorous writings. There are more puns than you can shake a stick at, as Groucho Marx would say "If that's your idea of a good time."

SURREAL THEATRE favorites include Numbers 1, 4, 6 and 14.

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