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Fr. Edward J. Dowling, S.J. Marine Historical Collection

Fr. Dowling Paintings

A university professor, authority on Great Lakes marine history, photographer, and model ship builder, Fr. Edward J. Dowling, S.J. was also an artist. He created numerous paintings, pencil sketches, landscapes and water scenes of Great Lakes ships in oil, water color, crayons, and pencil. The amazing array of his individual works is complemented on a grander scale with his murals in St. Ignatius High School in Chicago.

When Fr. Dowling honored the university with his collection in 1993 he provided a document listing the number, medium, size, date created and original owner of his artwork. Unfortunately there are numerical gaps on the list and the disposition of some of the pieces is blank. No attempt has been made to verify the current ownership of these works or the location of the original owner.

If you are in possession of one of Fr. Dowling’s pieces that is not identified in the list and wish to be recognized, please contact the Instructional Design Studio at or 313 578-0580.

NOTES ABOUT THE COLLECTION: Paintings which were numbered but on which we have no data (title, media, etc) have been suppressed. The disposition Lost indicates the original or current ownership and location of the works are unknown.

Limit to:

1222MariskaPencilsmall1994KnownDowling Collection
1221MariskaWater Color12 x 201994KnownDowling Collection
1220Zenith CityPencilsmall1993KnownDowling Collection
1219Zenith CityWater Color14 x 181993KnownDowling Collection
1218John J. AlbrightWater Color14 x 191993KnownDowling Collection
1217John J. AlbrightPencilsmall1993KnownDowling Collection
1215TroyPencilsmall1993KnownDowling Collection
1214TroyWater Color14 x 241993Knownto BLK - 93
1213Arthur OrrWater Color12 x 201992KnownKosnik
1212TuscaroraWater Color14 x 171992KnownDowling Collection
1211Nevada (Goodrich)Water Color14 x 171992KnownDowling Collection
1210Manistique, Marquette, and NorthernWater Color8 1/2 x 9 1/21992KnownDowling Collection
1209Sir Trevor DawsonWater Color8 1/2 x 9 1/21992KnownDowling Collection
1208CodorusWater Color11 x 181992KnownKosnik
1207RenownWater Color12 x 201992KnownKosnik
1206Owego and Tug StaffordPencilsmall1992KnownDowling Collection
1205Owego and Tug StaffordWater Color12 x 201992KnownMichelson
1204Wilfred SykesWater Color12 1/4 x 20 1/41991KnownEdward Keikem, Peoria
1203Wilfred SykesPencilsmall1991KnownDowling Collection
1201Henry B. SmithWater Color12 x 201990KnownGlenn
1200ClarionWater Color10 x 181990KnownRaffle
1199D.M. Clemson (i)Water Color12 x 201990KnownJ. Glowney, Flint
1198EtruriaWater Color12 x 201990KnownR. Kinder
1197City of MilwaukeeWater Color20 x 261990KnownManresa
1196John Mitchell (i)Pencil7 x 91990KnownDowling Collection
1195John Mitchell (i)Water Color14 x 171990KnownG. Mantion
1194QueenWater Color12 1/2 x 16 1/21990KnownFr. McKendrick
1193Western ReservePencilsmall1990KnownDowling Collection
1192Western ReserveWater Color17 x 211990KnownDowling Collection
1191James CarruthersWater Color14 x 221989KnownDowling Collection
1190R.L. AgassizWater Color14 x 201989KnownDowling Collection
1189William C. MorelandWater Color12 x 201989KnownDowling Collection
1188Chicora (prop.)Water Color14 x 121989KnownDowling Collection
1187Kinsman Enterprise (ii)Water Color12 x 201989KnownCarmen Paris
1186Willliam C. MorelandWater Color14 x 201989KnownRaffle - JCL
1185PetoskyWater Color12 x 201989KnownRaffle - JCL
1184Schooner - White Pine VWater Color14 x 201988KnownMrs. Staudenmaier
1183Wilfred SykesWater Color6 x 91988KnownSr. M. Anne
1182Schooner - ErnestinaWater Color8 x 101988KnownRobert Parrish
1181Port Huron LighthouseWater Color14 x 201988KnownRaffle - JCL
1180Port Huron LighthousePencilsmall1988UnknownUnknown
1179WauketaWater Color14 x 201988KnownUofD High Raffle
1178NormanWater Color14 x 201988KnownMike O'Connor
1177Charles J. SheffieldWater Color14 x 201988KnownDowling Collection
1176Charles J. SheffieldPencil8 x 101987KnownDowling Collection
1175ReginaWater Color11 x 141988UnknownUnknown
1174VirginiaWater Color12 x 201987KnownUofD High Raffle
1173Sherwood Point LighthouseWater Color12 x 201987KnownMrs. J. Cairns
1172VulcanWater Color12 x 201987KnownChurch Raffle
1171ConestogaWater Color14 x 201987KnownFr. Lackamp
1170W.D. RaffleWater Color19 x 25 1/21986KnownJ.H. Bascom
1169W.D. MatthewsPencilsmall1986KnownDowling Collection
1168City of Grand Rapids (i)Water Color10 x 161986KnownUofD High Raffle
1167Edmund FitzgeraldWater Color18 x 241986KnownCarmen Paris
1166Kinsman Independent - ex LindaburyWater Color10 x 161986KnownChurch Raffle
1165Toledo LighthouseWater Color10 x 161986KnownChurch Raffle
1164BattlefordWater Color14 x 201986KnownRon Beaupre
1163RutlandWater Color14 x 201985KnownChurch Raffle
1162King EdwardWater Color16 x 221985KnownBuck Longhorst
1161Eagle Harbor LighthouseWater Color14 x 201985KnownChurch Raffle
1160LevisaWater Color14 x 201985KnownUofD High Raffle
1159LevisaPencilsmall1985KnownDowling Collection
1158RubyPencil10 x 141985KnownDowling Collection
1157City of WindsorPencil10 x 141985KnownMarine Historical Society of Detroit
1156Nevada (Goodrich)Water Color14 x 201984KnownUofD High Raffle
1155Arlington (for #1150)Pencil8 1/2 x 111984KnownDowling Collection
1154GleneaglesWater Color14 x 201984KnownCarmen Paris
1153Crisp Point LighthouseWater Color14 x 201984KnownChurch Raffle - Sugar Island, Mich.
1152Battle Island LighthouseWater Color14 x 201984KnownChurch Raffle - Sugar Island, Mich.
1151Dust Storm in OklahomaWater Colorsmall1984KnownWalter Tunnell
1150Arlington (sinking)Water Color14 x 201984KnownRobert Nicholls, Soo, Mich.
1149Stadacona Water Color18 x 221984KnownDave Michelson
1148North Star (ii)Water Color16 x 201984KnownFr. Peter J. VanderLinden
1147SusquehannaWater Color14 x 201983KnownUofD High Raffle
1146W.D. HossackWater Color14 x 201983KnownMrs. Bisdorf
1145Lighthouse - Great LakesWater Color14 x 201983KnownW.O. Tunnell
1144Lighthouse - PacificWater Color14 x 201983KnownW.O. Tunnell
1143Tug G.R. GrayPencilsmall1983KnownDowling Collection
1142Tug G.R. GrayWater Color10 x 151983KnownG.I. Longhurst
1141Tug PhiladelphiaWater Color10 x 151983KnownG.I. Longhurst
1140Lighthouse, Whitefish PointWater Color14 x 201983KnownChurch Raffle, Sugar Island
1139Huron Lightship (#103)Pencil6 x 81983KnownDowling Collection - for #1135
1138Edward L. RyersonWater Color16 x 201983KnownL. Grabano
1137Edward L. RyersonWater Color16 x 201983KnownL. Grabano
1136TamarackWater Color15 x 201982KnownFriends of Peter Worden
1135Huron LightshipWater Color18 x 241983UnknownUnknown
1134Huron Lightship (#103)Pencil15 x 201982KnownDowling Collection
1133Waves, etc. (see #915)Water Color14 x 201982KnownUofD High Raffle
1132Ruth HindmanWater Color14 x 201982KnownG.I. Longhurst
1131Edmund FitzgeraldWater Color16 x 241982KnownMrs. McWilliams
1130AlgowestWater Color18 x 241982KnownMrs. Diane Zambort
1129Arthur M. AndersonWater Color14 x 201982KnownMr. and Mrs. Broorllette
1128ChippewaWater Color18 x 241982KnownJohn P. Wellington
1127AceWater Color14 x 201982KnownWilliam Curnow
1126Church and Range, St. Joseph, IslandWater Color18 x 241982KnownSugar Island Church
1125Church and Range, St. Joseph, IslandPencil5 x 71982KnownDowling Collection
1124MeteorWater Color14 x 201982KnownScott McLellan
1123ManitoulinWater Color18 x 241982KnownG.I. Longhurst
1122Sam LaudWater Color14 x 201982KnownScott McLellan
1121North WindWater Color14 x 201981KnownRandy Johnson
1120Eugene J. BuffingtonWater Color14 x 201981KnownMrs. Hamilton
1119City of Midland 41Water Color18 x 241981KnownRobert Peppard
1118Douglass HoughtonWater Color14 x 201981KnownG. Mantion
1117Wilson Range LightsWater Color14 x 201981KnownChurch Raffle
1116AlgocenWater Color16 x 241981KnownAlgoma Central Ry.
1115Robert S. PiersonWater Color18 x 241981KnownG.I. Longhurst
1114Tug - RyanWater Color10 x 161981KnownScott McLellan
1113Columbia StarWater Color22 x 301981KnownSugar Island Community Center
1112Chief WawatamWater Color18 x 241981KnownDr. J. Loyd
1111Neomi MarieWater Color16 x 201981KnownJ. Wellington and Ed Hayes
1110W.O. BrownWater Color16 x 201981KnownR. Nicholls - Soo, Mich.
1109Sugar IslanderWater Color16 x 201981KnownSusan Asquith
1108Irving S. OldsWater Color16 x 241981KnownDr. J. Loyd
1107ConemaughWater Color18 x 241981KnownScott McLellan
1106Fitzgerald and RichardsonWater Color12 x 181981KnownW.C. Palmer's friends
1105W.C. FranzWater Color18 x 241981KnownJ. Franz
1104Samuel Mather and BrazilWater Color12 x 181981KnownThomas Brunetto
1103Santa Maria (caravel)Water Color16 x 201981KnownW.O. Tunnell
1102Maunaloa IIWater Color18 x 241981KnownG.I. Longhurst
1101PontiacWater Color18 x 241980KnownRick Loyd
1100Cumberland - sidewheelWater Color18 x 241980KnownW. Nicholls, Soo, Mich.
1100Point Peter, Ont.Water Color9 x 121980KnownMrs. Lennox
1100Point Peter, Ont.Water Color9 x 121980KnownMrs. Lennox
1100Algocen - Deck ViewWater Color9 x 121980KnownUnknown
1100Baie Comeau HarborWater Color9 x 121980KnownHarvey Nissely
1100Baie Comeau Oil DocksWater Color9 x 121980KnownHarvey Nissely
1100Baie Comeau Church on HillWater Color9 x 12`1980KnownHarvey Nissely
1100Baie Comeau Grain TerminalWater Color9 x 121980KnownHarvey Nissely
1099Edmund FitzgeraldWater Color18 x 241980KnownArt. Palmer
1098Point Iroquois LighthouseWater Color14 x 201980KnownSugar Island Church
1097Point Iroquois LighthousePencilsmall1980KnownDowling Collection
1096Foundation FranklinWater Color18 x 241980KnownG.I. Longhurst
1095Foundation FranklinPencilsmall1980KnownDowling Collection
1094Edmund Fitzgerald and W.C. RichardsonWater Color16 x 221980KnownW. Palmer
1093Edmund Fitzgerald and W.C. RichardsonPencilsmall1980KnownDowling Collection
1092Sugar IslanderWater Color14 x 201980KnownR. Reynolds
1091MackinawWater Color18 x 241980KnownJ. Wellington for Capt. G. Hall
1090Bethlehem (Lehigh Valley RR)Water Color16 x 241980KnownD. Nash
1089Edmund FitzgeraldWater Color18 x 241980KnownFran. Rogers
1088Dean Richmond and WHBWater Color16 x 241980KnownD. Nash
1087Dean Richmond and WHBPencilsmall1980KnownDowling Collection
1086Ruth HindmanWater Color18 x 241980KnownG.I. Longhurst
1085Church at Sugar IslandWater Color18 x 241980KnownUlanski
1084Waves, dark sky, and schoonerWater Color12 x 181980KnownUofD High Raffle
1083Delos W. Cooke and Tug - #743Pencilsmall1980KnownDowling Collection
1082Delos W. Cooke and Tug - #743Water Color16 x 241980KnownPeter Worden
1081Medusa ChallengerWater Color18 x 241980KnownRobert Peppard
1080Wilfred SykesWater Color18 x 241980KnownDr. J. Loyd
1079SaranacWater Color14 x 241980KnownR. Mannesto
1078Alex B. UhrigWater Color14 x 241980KnownW.M. Luke
1077Alexander Leslie (loan)Water Color16 x 241980KnownG.I. Longhurst
1076Roy A. JodreyWater Color13 x 241980KnownScott McLellan
1075LemoyneWater Color13 x 241980KnownW.E. McVean
1074John EricssonWater Color18 x 241980KnownG.I. Longhurst
1073U.S.C.G.C. Lookout #3Water Color12 x 181980KnownFr. Lawless E. Diebold
1072Alexander Leslie (light)Water Color18 x 241980KnownG.I. Longhurst
1071Christopher ColumbusWater Color18 x 241980KnownDr. J. Loyd
1070Christopher ColumbusWater Color18 x 241980KnownRandy Johnson
1069Imperial CollingwoodWater Color18 x 241980KnownScott McLellan
1068Algosoo (i)Water Color18 x 241980Known
1067Edward L. RyersonWater Color18 x 241980KnownE. Child (via Dr. Loyd)
1066ShenangoWater Color16 x 201980KnownFr. Dempsey
1066ShenangoPencilsmall1980KnownDowling Collection
1065E.B. OslerWater Color16 x 241980KnownJ.H. Bascom
1064VernonWater Color16 x 241980KnownW. Hirthe
1063Superor City - Willis King CollisionWater Color14 x 241980KnownR. Nicholls - Soo, Mich.
1062Superor City - Willis King CollisionPencil8 1/2 x 111980KnownDowling Collection
1061Olive Jeanette and IoscoWater Color15 x 241980KnownR. Mannesto
1060Olive Jeanette and IoscoWater Color15 x 241980KnownThomas Farnquist
1059Benjamin NobleWater Color13 x 201980KnownW. Curnow
1058Tug ResoluteWater Color13 x 201979KnownJ.L. Elliott
1057Henry Cort (wreck)Water Color18 x 241979KnownH. Peterson
1056Henry Cort (wreck)Pencil6 x 81979KnownDowling Collection
1055Nancy Lynn (cruiser)Water Color11 x 181979KnownR. Johnson
1054SeeandbeeWater Color17 x 201979KnownJ. Wellington
1053Welland CanalWater Color12 x 151979KnownR. Johnson
1052MotorboatWater Color12 x 181979KnownS. McLellan
1051BrazilWater Color12 x 181979KnownDowling Collection
1050Menihek LakeWater Color18 x 241979KnownM. Horne
1049Tug (USSB)Water Color8 x 141979KnownR. Mannesto
1048Rouse SimmonsWater Color12 x 181979KnownE. Franek
1047Edward L. RyersonWater Color12 x 201979KnownT. Blackwell
1046Edwin F. HolmesWater Color12 x 181979KnownR. Johnson
1045OjibwayWater Color18 x 241979KnownT. Flynn
1044Stack DesignWater Color and Pencilsmall1979KnownJ. Wellington
1043OntadocWater Color12 x 181979KnownS. McLellan
1042WavesWater Color12 x 181979KnownDowling Collection
1041CanadianaWater Color12 x 181979KnownD. Cornillie
1040Edward L. RyersonWater Color18 x 241979KnownRobert Peppard
1039Beaver IslanderWater Color18 x 241979KnownDr. J. Loyd
1038ScrantonWater Color12 x 181979KnownCaptain Belcher
1037Augustus B. WolvinPencilsmall1979KnownDowling Collection
1036Augustus B. WolvinWater Color14 x 241979KnownG. Mantion
1035Edmund FitzgeraldWater Color12 x 181979KnownFr. Steltenkamp
1034Church at Sugar IslandWater Color18 x 241979KnownSmith
1033Carl D. BradleyWater Color14 x 201979KnownJames C. Schrader
1032LeviathanWater Color18 x 251979KnownFrank Braynard
1031Lewis Wilson FoyWater Color18 x 241979KnownE. Loyd
1030Western StatesWater Color14 x 241979KnownR. DuQuette
1029William F. SauberWater Color16 x 241979KnownW.J. Sauber
1028U.S.C.G.C. EagleWater Color16 x 241979KnownW.O. Tunnell
1027M.M. Drake and MichiganWater Color13 x 201979KnownR. Mannesto
1026Samuel Mather and BrazilWater Color14 x 211979KnownThomas Farnquist
1025Judith PiersonWater Color18 x 241979KnownS. McLeclan
1024Louis R. DesmaraisWater Color18 x 241979KnownG.I. Longhurst
1023Rouse SimmonsWater Color20 x 261979KnownW. Hirthe
1022Robert W.E. BunsenWater Color20 x 261978KnownW. Smith
1021Cerisolles and InkermanWater Color14 x 201978KnownFrederick Stonehouse
1020Cerisolles and InkermanPencil8 x 101978KnownDowling Collection
1019MadisonWater Color20 x 261978KnownG.T. Ry. - J. Burdakin
1018MadisonWater Color18 x 241978KnownJ.L. Elliott
1017Clemens A. Reiss (ii)Pencilsmall1978KnownDowling Collection
1016Clemens A. Reiss (ii)Water Color18 x 241978KnownRobert Peppard
1015W.K. BixbyWater Color16 x 201978KnownScott Worden
1014AlgocenPencilsmall1978KnownDowling Collection
1013AlgocenWater Color16 x 201978KnownCaptain Grattan
1012City of Cleveland IIIWater Color16 x 201978KnownDr. J. Loyd
1011Citiy of Milwaukee - car ferryWater Color18 x 241978KnownFr. Donahue
1010J.S. AshleyWater Color16 x 201978KnownG. Mantion
1009Red Crown and ManshipcoWater Color18 x 241978KnownRobert Peppard
1008ManshipcoPencilsmall1978KnownDowling Collection
1007River Queen Water Color16 x 201978KnownChurch Raffle - M. Grodzych - Detroit, winnter
1007River Queen Pencil8 x 101978KnownDowling Collection
1006Edmund FitzgeraldWater Color16 x 201978KnownMrs. R.N. Hinks
1005ChippewaWater Color18 x 241978KnownGordon Prouse
1004Algoway (ii)Water Color18 x 241978KnownCaptain Belcher
1003Edmund FitzgeraldWater Color16 x 201978KnownT. Balistreri
1002City of WindsorWater Color18 x 241977KnownR. Rabe
1001Cliffs VictoryWater Color18 x 241977KnownDr. J. Loyd
1000John HanlanWater Color20 x 261977KnownJ.H. Bascom
999Sacred Heart Church, Sugar IslandWater Color18 x 241977KnownMiss M. Roy
998Waves (Saranac in distance)Water Color12 x 181977KnownIsaac Jogues
997Tug WinslowWater Color12 x 181977KnownIsaac Jogues
996MeafordWater Color14 x 21 1/2 1977KnownIsaac Jogues
995David DowsWater Color18 x 241977KnownJames P. Barry
994David DowsPencilsmall1977KnownDowling Collection
993Tug Jesse JamesWater Color18 x 241977KnownJ. Morris
992Tug Jesse JamesPencilsmall1977KnownDowling Collection
991Daniel McCoolWater Color14 x 21 1/2 1977KnownGeorge Thompson
990VerendryeWater Color13 x 201977KnownMr. MacHorne
989PewabicPencilsmall1977KnownDowling Collection
988PewabicWater Color18 x 241977KnownR. McGreevy
987Tug American VikingWater Color14 x 21 1/2 1977KnownJames Wellington
986Tug American VikingPencil3 x 71977KnownDowling Collection
985Wyandotte (passenger)Water Color14 x 21 1/2 1977KnownDr. K. Schroeder
984William B. KerrWater Color14 x 21 1/2 1977KnownG.Mantion
983Sir Thomas ShaughnessyWater Color18 x 241977KnownG.I. Longhurst
982T.J. McCarthyWater Color14 x 21 1/2 1977KnownFabian Weber
981Schooner John MinerWater Color18 x 241977KnownMrs. O'Conner
980James A. FarrellWater Color14 x 21 1/2 1977KnownW.D. Carle
979PrincetonWater Color14 x 21 1/2 1977KnownG. Mantion
978Edmund FitzgeraldPencil7 x 101977KnownDowling Collection
977Edmund FitzgeraldWater Color14 x 201977KnownDr. J. Loyd
976Emily P. WeedWater Color18 x 241977KnownDan Cornilus
975Charles C. WestWater Color18 x 241977KnownRobert Peppard
974Charles C. WestPencil8 1/2 x 111977KnownDowling Collection
973ManzuttiWater Color12 x 201977KnownG.I. Longhurst
972MancoxWater Color12 x 201977KnownG.I. Longhurst
971Frank RockefellerWater Color18 x 241977KnownK.E. Thro
970RenvoyleWater Color20 x 261977KnownJ.M. Kidd
969Comet-Manitoba CollisionWater Color14 x 21 1/2 1977KnownThomas Farnquist
968Comet-Manitoba CollisionPencil8 1/2 x 111977KnownDowling Collection
967Schooner NiagaraWater Color14 x 21 1/2 1977KnownJ. Cooper, Soo, Mich.
966Tug CanadaWater Color20 x 301977KnownA. Merrilees
965Joseph G. Butler, Jr.Water Color22 x 261976KnownJoseph G. Butler III
965Joseph G. Butler, Jr.Pencil8 x 61976KnownDowling Collection
964Tug John PurvesWater Color14 x 21 1/2 1976KnownMrs. Wellington
963Tanker DetroitWater Color18 x 241976KnownDr. J.F. Loyd
962Fort Gratiot LighthouseWater Color22 x 261976KnownFr. Peter J. VanderLinden
961Fort Gratiot LighthousePencil8 1/2 x 111976KnownDowling Collection
959Waves - Dark and StormyWater Color16 x 211976KnownUofD Raffle
958Emory L. FordWater Color16 x 211976KnownW.B. Carle
957Waves - Bright DayPencil8 1/2 x 111976KnownDowling Collection
956Waves - Bright DayWater Color18 x 211976KnownDowling Collection
955VirginiaInk12 x 181976KnownM.J. Brown
954Richard V. LindaburyInk12 x 181976KnownM.J. Brown
953ArgonautInk12 x 181976KnownM.J. Brown
952PontiacInk12 x 181976KnownM.J. Brown
951North West and North WindPencil8 1/2 x 111976KnownDowling Collection
950North West and North WindWater Color16 x 241876KnownM.J. Brown
949TashmooWater Color16 x 211976KnownFr. Donahue
948City of BuffaloWater Color16 x 241976KnownGreg Ruknik
947SunsetWater Color16 x 211976KnownW.C. Palmer
946DonegalWater Color18 x 241976KnownW.A. Hoey
945George G. CrawfordWater Color16 x 211976KnownW.B. Carle
944LemoyneWater Color18 x 241976KnownJames P. Barry
943Fitzgerald, etc. (sketch #937)Water Color18 x 241976KnownW.C. Palmer
942Frank RockefellerWater Color16 x 241976KnownG. Mantion
941WinyahWater Color16 x 211976KnownThomas Keast
940Ann Arbor No. 5Water Color16 x 241976KnownRobert Peppard
939W.F. Sauber, sinking and YaleWater Color18 x 241976KnownRobert Smith
938W.F. Sauber, sinking and YalePencil8 1/2 x 111976KnownDowling Collection
937Edmund Fitzgerald and W.C. RichardsonWater Color16 x 211976KnownThomas Farnquist
936Yankcanuck (i)Water Color18 in. dia.1976KnownG.H. Longhurst
935Carrie A. RyersonPencil5 x 81976Knownfor 927 Dowling
934Philip R. ClarkeWater Color18 x 241976KnownDr. J. Lloyd
933Lake Michigan Car Ferry Transportation Co., LithographPencil8 1/2 x 111976KnownDowling Collection
932Lake Michigan Car Ferry Transportation Co., LithographWater Color20 x 301976KnownGeorge Hilton
931BarnWater Color14 x 221976KnownSr. Anne Marie Wellington
930Cliffs VictoryWater Color14 1/2 x 211976KnownWilliam Hamilton III
930Cliffs VictoryPencilsmall1976KnownDowling Collection
929U.S.S. MichiganWater Color18 x 241976KnownDr. J. Moody
928Mabel BradshawWater Color16 x 201976KnownEd. Middleton
927Carrie A. RyersonWater Color16 x 201976KnownEd. Middleton
926SevonaWater Color18 x 251975KnownR. MacDonald
925MaunaloaWater Color18 x 251975KnownG. Rudnick
924ViennaWater Color14 1/2 x 211975KnownThomas Farnquist
923ViennaPencil7 1/2 x 101975KnownDowling Collection
922ShenangoWater Color18 x 251975KnownFr. Dempsey
921BadgerWater Color20 x 321975KnownFr. Donahue
920NoronicWater Color20 x 321975KnownCharles Bieser
919NoronicPencilsmall1975KnownDowling Collection
918R.E. WebsterWater Color16 x 221975KnownBill Luke
917James J. HillWater Color12 x 201975KnownPeter Worden
916EmperorWater Color11 x 141975KnownPaul LeMarre
915Waves - Dark DayWater Color11 x 141975KnownDowling Collection
914WavesWater Color18 x 241975KnownDowling Collection
913WavesWater Color18 x 241975KnownDowling Collection
912Hypes' Motel, Sugar IslandWater Color12 x 201975KnownMrs. Czarnecki
911Hypes' Motel, Sugar IslandPencil8 1/2 x 111975KnownDowling Collection
910Lamphier's Pencil8 1/2 x 111975KnownDowling Collection
909Church at Sugar IslandWater Color19 x 241975KnownFr. Lawless E. Diebold
908Wilfred SykesWater Color12 x 201975KnownMrs. McWilliams
907AlgomaWater Color12 x 201975KnownRandall Johnson
906AlgomaPencilsmall1975KnownDowling Collection
905North West and SchoonerWater Color18 x 241975KnownJ. P. Old, Soo, Mich
904North West and SchoonerPencilsmall1975KnownDowling Collection
903Clarence B. Randall (i)Water Color12 x 201975KnownC. Gammon
902S.R. KirbyWater Color12 x 201975KnownH. Hirt
901W.E. FitzgeraldWater Color19 x 241975KnownRobert Peppard
900Maunaloa IIWater Color14 1/2 x 211975KnownR. Campbell
899SocapaWater Color14 1/2 x 211975KnownG. Mantion
898AssinaboiaWater Color14 1/2 x 211975KnownG. Rudnick
897SheboyganWater Color19 x 25 1/21975KnownDr. G.W. Hilton
896Morning StarPencilsmall1975KnownDowling Collection
895Morning StarWater Color20 x 301975KnownFr. Donahue
894Joseph G. Butler, Jr.Water Color20 x 301975KnownJoseph G. Butler III
893Joseph G. Butler, Jr.Pencil7 1/2 x 101975KnownDowling Collection
892IllinoisWater Color14 1/2 x 211975KnownG.D. Saunders
891MetropolisWater Color18 x 241975KnownDr. J. Moody, Soo, Mich.
890Farrand H. WilliamsPencil8 x 101975KnownDowling Collection
889Farrand H. WilliamsWater Color8 x 101975KnownFrancis Williams
888George DeweyWater Color10 x 141975KnownHenry Rankin
887MyronWater Color14 1/2 x 211974KnownThomas Farnquist
886Lake Louise SceneWater Color8 1/2 x 151974KnownMrs. B.L. Kosnik
885Christopher ColumbusWater Color18 x 241974KnownDr. J. Moody, Soo, Mich.
884Christopher ColumbusWater Color18 x 241974KnownRobert Peppard
883Soo CityWater Color18 x 241974KnownJ.P. Old, Soo, Mich.
882IndependencePencil8 1/2 x 111974KnownDowling Collection
881IndependenceWater Color18 x 241974KnownJ.P. Old, Soo, Mich.
880Welland CanalInk14 x 191974KnownMarine Historical Society of Detroit
879SovereignWater Color19 x 25 1/21974KnownBob Radunz
878J.H.G. HagartyWater Color14 x 121974KnownDowling Collection
877General GarretsonPencil12 x 201974KnownDowling Collection
876General GarretsonWater Color12 x 291974KnownGreg Mantion
875Charles M. WarnerWater Color12 x 201974KnownFr. Peter J. VanderLinden
874SultanaPencil8 x 101974KnownDowling Collection
873SultanaWater Color12 x 201974KnownFr. Donahue
872ThornhillWater Color11 x 161974KnownF.D. Prouse
871Waves - Dark Day9 x 121974KnownDowling Collection
870WavesWater Color9 x 121974KnownDowling Collection
869WavesWater Color14 x 241974KnownDowling Collection
868MontaukWater Color12 x 201974KnownDuluth Marine Museum Association
867City of MilwaukeeWater Color18 x 241974KnownDr. J. Moody
866TitanicWater Color12 x 201974KnownMrs. J. Koziol
865Capt. RoyWater Color12 x 201974KnownPoirier Marine
864Edmund FitzgeraldWater Color12 x 201974KnownRobert Reilly
863Sugar IslanderWater Color9 x 121974KnownDon Arbic
862ChinaWater Color18 x 241974KnownMrs. Henkle
861George C. HoweWater Color12 x 201974KnownPaul LaMarre
860NorthumberlandWater Color18 x 241974KnownJ.N. Kidd
859Sewell AveryWater Color12 x 201974KnownJohn Vournakis
858Baird TewksburyWater Color12 x 201974KnownArvid Morken
857John EricssonPencil8 1/2 x 111974KnownDowling Collection
856John EricssonWater Color20 x 261974KnownT. Erickson
855City of Benton HarborWater Color12 x 181974KnownJ.F. Roos
854BatoryWater Color18 x 261974KnownMrs. Koziol
853TroyWater Color18 x 261974KnownJ. Johnson
852R. Bruce AngusWater Color18 x 241973KnownBruce Smith
851Irving S. OldsWater Color18 x 241973KnownW.D. Pozzi
850Sugar IslanderWater Color30 x 401973KnownD.W. Zimmerman
849Chief WawatamWater Color20 x 261973KnownG. Trainor
848Ferry Is ComingWater Color14 x 241973KnownG. Yuchasz
847Waves and StormWater Color12 x 181973KnownMrs. DeLisle Sugar, wan at Raffle
846Wind and Waves, Lake SuperiorWater Color12 x 201973KnownR. Knowlton, Duluth
845Ferry Is ComingWater Color14 x 241973KnownFr. Lawless E. Diebold
844Ferry Is ComingPencilsmall1973KnownDowling Collection
843Sugar IslanderWater Color12 x 181973KnownL. Van Dusen
842PerseusWater Color18 x 241973KnownP.B. Worden
841Christopher ColumbusWater Color12 x 181973KnownJ.F. Roos
840Ste. ClaireWater Color14 x 221973KnownMrs. J. Koziol
839Seascape (waves)Water Color9 x 121973KnownMrs. Rizzo
838General Orlando M. PoeWater Color14 x 201973KnownG. Mantion
837Grand HavenWater Color16 x 241973KnownGreg Rudnik
836Carl D. Bradley (ii)Water Color14 x 221973KnownMrs. J. Koziol
835Hydrus (i)Water Color12 1/2 x 19 1/21973KnownFr. R. Donahue
834Soo LocksWater Color20 x 301973KnownFr. R. Donahue
833Bernay (France)
832Yonkers and
831Sisters at Petosky, Conway,Water Color20 x 261973KnownSr. Anne Marie Wellington
8304 convents of Sacramentine
829Baie de WasaiWater Color9 x 121972KnownDowling Collection
828Sugar IslanderWater Color13 x 161972KnownC.P. Wellington
827Seascape (waves)Water Color9 x 121972KnownDowling Collection
826Temeraire (ocean freighter)Water Color13 x 161972KnownF.D. Prouse
825James Gayley and TugsWater Color20 x 261972KnownM.J. Brown
824Leon FraserWater Color12 1/2 x 19 1/21972KnownJohn P. Wellington
823Monkshaven leaving MichipicotenWater Color14 x 221972KnownDr. W.J. Kelly
822Manitou and LighshipWater Color16 x 241972KnownMrs. J. Koziol
821MonkshavenWater Color14 x 201972KnownFr. R. Donahue
820DuluthWater Color20 x 261972KnownDuluth Marine Museum Association
819Roger BloughWater Color9 x 121972KnownCapt. J.N. Rolfson
818Imperial CollingwoodWater Color13 x 161972KnownGeneral Hospital, Soo Ont.
817J.J. Boland, Jr. (i)Water Color13 x 161972KnownDowling Collection
816Waves and freighterWater Color13 x 161972KnownFr. Dillon
815Stewart J. CortWater Color13 x 201972KnownDr. M. West
814Osprey (U.S. Engineering Corps.)Water Color14 x 201972KnownP. Eklund
813Mowhawk Deer and barge KruppWater Color14 x 241972KnownE.J. Sundstrom
812Mowhawk Deer and barge KruppPencilsmall1972KnownDowling Collection
811Lake Shore and TugsWater Color15 x 201972KnownFr. Donahue
810Lake Shore and TugsPencil8 x 101972KnownDowling Collection
809U.S.C.G.C. YanktonWater Color10 x 161972KnownJohn P. Wellington
808Iowa (tug)Pencil8 1/2 x 111971KnownDowling Collection
807Iowa (tug)Water Color13 x 161971KnownJohn P. Wellington
806GeorgiaWater Color20 x 301971KnownE.N. Middleton
805C.G.C. OssippeeWater Color18 x 241971KnownR. Burns
804Stern View - freighterPencilsmall1971KnownDowling Collection
803Package Freighter (bow on)Pencilsmall1971KnownDowling Collection
802CyprusPencilsmall1971KnownDowling Collection
801CyprusWater Color10 x 161971KnownWillliam Hamilton
800NorgomaWater Color14 x 201971KnownJohn Breynaert
800Dean RichmondWater Color18 x 241971KnownFr. Donahue
799Islander (yacht0Water Color14 x 241971KnownDr. H. Prouse
798BrandonWater Color14 x 201971KnownSold
797Sewell AveryWater Color16 x 241971KnownC.Streeter
796Sunset at Baie de WasaiWater Color14 x 201971KnownMrs. Sally Bougher
795SunsetPencilsmall1971KnownDowling Collection
794SunsetPencilsmall1971KnownDowling Collection
793StrathconaWater Color14 x 201971KnownDowling Collection
792Sunset Sky (used on 791)Pencilsmall1971KnownLost
791AppomattoxWater Color18 x 241971KnownDowling Collection
790Temeraire (yacht)Water Color14 x 201971KnownF. Prouse
789George StephensonWater Color14 x 201971Known
788MalietoaWater Color18 x 241971KnownBill Carle
787Zach Chandler (schooner)Water Color14 x 201971KnownMrs. J. Koziol
786S.M. DeanWater Color16 x 201971KnownWarren McNab
785Stadacona (i)Water Color14 x 201971KnownMrs. R. Gage
784St. Clair (freighter)Water Color14 x 201971KnownDowling Collection
783Algomah IIWater Color18 x 221971KnownCharles H. Truscott
782Manitou and LighshipWater Color21 1/2 x 31 1/21971KnownPaner
781Manitou and LighshipWater Color11 x 161971KnownDowling Collection
780Manitou and Lighship small (3 sketches)1971KnownDowling Collection
779Edward L. RyersonWater Color14 x 201971KnownWillliam Hamilton
778Ballard's Reef LightshipWater Color8 x 121971KnownDowling Collection
777ChicagoWater Color18 x 241971KnownM.J. Brown
776CalderaWater Color14 x 201971KnownDowling Collection
775City of ChicagoWater Color26 x 281971KnownMr. and Mrs. Terence Heaton
774Stacks (24)Water Color6 x 91970KnownDossin Museum (12) - Valley Camp (12)
773John EricssonWater Color14 x 201970KnownGreg Rudnik
772William M. MillsWater Color20 x 281970KnownFr. Donahue
771Pontiac (1893)Water Color6 1/8 x 11 1/41970KnownM.J. Brown
770The HarvesterWater Color6 1/8 x 11 1/41970KnownM.J. Brown
769Presque IsleWater Color6 1/8 x 11 1/41970KnownM.J. Brown
768MiamiWater Color6 1/8 x 11 1/41970KnownM.J. Brown
767BaymeadWater Color14 x 201970KnownHal Jackson
766Stacks (26)Water Color6 x 91970KnownDossin Museum (13) - Valley Camp (13)
765Western ReserveWater Color14 x 201970KnownGreg Manthon
764KearsargeWater Color14 x 201970KnownMr. and Mrs. Farrell
763CoronaWater Color14 x 201970KnownBarnar Norlof
762Augustus B. WolvinWater Color18 x 241970KnownBarker
761CorunnaWater Color14 x 201970KnownMr. and Mrs. Williams
760George D. GobleWater Color18 x 241970KnownBoland and Cornelius
759William M. MillsPencilsmall1970KnownFr. Peter J. VanderLinden
758Sugar IslanderWater Color18 x 241970KnownJames O. Wellington
757Sugar IslanderPencil8 1/2 x 111970KnownDowling Collection
756BuffaloWater Color14 x 201970KnownJames Walder
755Stacks (48)Water Color6 x 91970KnownValley Camp Museum
754Stacks (28)Water Color6 x 91970KnownDossin Museum (14) - Valley Camp (14)
753Stacks (60)Water Color6 x 91970KnownDossin Museum (30) - Valley Camp (30)
752North WestWater Color18 x 241970KnownW.J. Palmer
751MajesticWater Color14 x 201970KnownJ.H. Bascom
750Stacks (96)Water Color6 x 91970KnownDossing Museum (45) - Valley Camp (45)
749Sally Jan IIIWater Color18 x 241970KnownJ.L. Elliott
748Stacks (24)Water Color6 x 91970KnownDossin Museum (12) - Valley Camp (12)
747TonawandaWater Color13 x 161970KnownM.S. Tonawanda (Girl Scouts)
746Stacks (48)Water Color6 x 91970KnownDossin Museum
745Sarnia (ferry)Water Color18 x 241970KnownEugene D. Cote
744Sarnia (ferry)Pencil8 1/2 x 111970KnownDowling Collection
743D.W. Cooke and tug RobbinsWater Color13 1/2 x 19 1/21970KnownJohn Bascom
742D.W. Cooke and tug RobbinsPencilsmall1970KnownDowling Collection
741E.E. Loomis and F.W. SargentWater Color18 x 271970KnownJ. Albin Jackman
740E.E. LoomisPencil6 x 91970KnownDowling Collection
739Alexander LeslieWater Color12 x 181970KnownRoger LeLievre
738Alexander LesliePencil3 x 51970KnownMrs. J. Bell Koziol
737Champlaine (Cliffs)Water Color15 x 231970KnownM.J. Brown
736LeviathanPencil8 x 101970KnownDowling Collection
735LeviathanWater Color18 x 241970KnownFrank O. Braynard
734GlenlyonWater Color10 x 161969KnownDowling Collection
733GlenburnieWater Color13 x 161969KnownG.M. Cooper
732CyprusWater Color18 x 241969KnownBill Thorne
731NokomisWater Color13 x 161969KnownJohn P. Wellington
730Sugar Islander outboard profile lengthenedWater Color6 x 121969KnownWellington Transportation Co.
729Sugar Islander at dockPencil5 x 71969KnownDowling Collection
728Irving S. OldsWater Color13 x 161969KnownJ.S. Mackie
727Irving S. OldsPencil5 x 71969KnownDowling Collection
726Wilfred SykesWater Color18 x 241969KnownR.N. Hinks
725ManitouWater Color18 x 241969KnownJ.L. Elliott
724Blue WavesWater Color18 x 241969KnownDowling Collection
723Sugar IslanderWater Color13 x 241969KnownJohn P. Wellington
722Waves and BoatWater Color13 x 161969KnownDowling Collection
721Gray DawnWater Color13 x 161969KnownSold by Palmer
720Valley CampPencil5 x 101969KnownDowling Collection
719AssinaboiaWater Color18 x 241969KnownJ.M. Kidd
718Cape Breton MinerWater Color18 x 241969KnownBruce Smith
717AtikokanWater Color18 x 241969KnownMrs. J.B. Koziol
716Sugar IslanderWater Color18 x 241969Known
715TorontoWater Color18 x 241969KnownArch. P. Wright
714CadillacWater Color18 x 241969KnownCapt. Campbell
713Cadillac (ex Steel King)Pencil8 1/2 x 111969KnownDowling Collection
712SeeandbeeWater Color11 x 141969KnownR.G. Wendt
711MataafaWater Color18 x 241969KnownCurt Haseltine
710ChippewaWater Color18 x 241969KnownD.T. Glick
709Harvey H. BrownWater Color10 x 141969KnownBarker
708George Dewey (Liberty)Water Color18 x 241969KnownRobert Radunz
707MuncyWater Color18 x 241969KnownDowling Collection
706EastlandWater Color15 x 201969KnownMrs. Jane Bell Koziol
705TroyWater Color17 3/4 x 11 1/21969KnownE.O. Zulauf
704Governor MillerWater Color19 x 241969KnownCapt. J.M. Regan
703S.T. CrapoWater Color15 x 261968KnownD. Corvillie
702ManitouWater Color14 x 17 3/41968KnownT.B. Dancey
701SuperiorWater Color18 x 261968KnownK.E. Thro
700AssinaboiaWater Color15 x 201968KnownMrs. K.E. Smith
699House Flag DesignWater Color8 x 101968KnownWellington Transportation Co.
698WyandotteWater Color15 x 201968KnownWyandotte Historical Society
697Blockade RunnerWater Color15 x 201968KnownRichard Wright
696Blockade RunnerPencil8 x 101968KnownDowling Collection
695House Flag DesignWater Color14 x 181968KnownSoo Historic Site
694Valley CampWater Color15 x 201968KnownDon Gerrie
693Valley CampWater Color30 x 401968KnownSoo Historic Site
692Valley CampPencilsmall1968KnownDowling Collection
691Louis W. HillWater Color15 x 201968KnownSoo Historic Site
690Fog and FreighterWater Color11 x 141968KnownDowling Collection
689Benjamin F. FairlessWater Color15 x 161968KnownMr and Mrs. R. Clark
688Soo River at Wheatley'sWater Color19 x 241968KnownFr. Peter J. VanderLinden
687Favorite (1907)Water Color15 x 201968KnownRev. A.C. Meakin
686Favorite (1907)Pencil8 x 101968KnownDowling Collection
685EastlandWater Color19 x 241968KnownFr. Peter J. VanderLinden
684South AmericanWater Color19 x 241968KnownCapt. J. Testyon
683North AmericanWater Color20 x 301968KnownJ.L. Elliott
682Walk in the WaterWater Color10 x 191968KnownOld Mariners Church
681Walk in the WaterPencil5 1/2 x 7 1/21968KnownDowling Collection
680Christopher ColumbusWater Color20 x 301968KnownJ.L. Elliott
679Christopher ColumbusPencil6 1/2 x 101968KnownDowling Collection
678Christopher ColumbusPencil5 x 91968KnownDowling Collection
677Laker - camoflagedPencil4 1/2 x 81967KnownDowling Collection
676City of Detroit IIIPencil6 x 81967KnownDowling Collection
675City of Detroit IIIPencil7 x 101966KnownDowling Collection
674ArrowPencil4 x 61967KnownDowling Collection
673SheboyganInksmall1967KnownJ.L. Elliott
672Yoreda (yacht)Water Color18 x 281968KnownDossin Museum
671Charles S. PriceWater Color15 x 201968KnownMiss J. Bell
670Charles S. PricePencil8 x 101968KnownDowling Collection
669Harry T. EwigWater Color18 x 281968KnownS.J. Andries
668Harry T. EwigPencil8 x 101968KnownDowling Collection
667Muskegon (tug)Water Color18 x 281968KnownJ. Bultema
666OscodaWater Color15 x 201968KnownW. Ruch
665AndasteWater Color15 x 201968KnownM.J. Brown
664SteeltonWater Color15 x 201967KnownDowling - Parlor
663IllinoisWater Color20 x 301967KnownJ. Bultema
662Farrand H. WilliamsWater Color8 x 101967KnownE. Wilson
661HamonicWater Color 19 x 241967KnownJ.H. Bascom
660Rouse SimmonsWater Color19 x 241967KnownCapt. Gislason
659Rouse SimmonsPencil8 x 101967KnownE.J. Sundstrom
658Red WingWater Color13 x 161967KnownE. Majtyka
657KingstonWater Color19 x 241967KnownF. Prouse
656TashmooWater Color19 x 241967KnownJ.O'Driscoll
655SeeandbeeWater Color19 x 241967KnownR. Nisky
654George R. FinkWater Color19 x 241967KnownRichard Wright
653ArrowWater Color19 x 241967KnownR.G. Wendt
652Sewell AveryWater Color20 x 301967KnownLen Barr
651Noonday HazeWater Color14 x 201967KnownDowling - Parlor
650James R. SinclairPencilsmall1967KnownRichard Wright
649VirginiaWater ColorMiniature 1 1/2 x 31967KnownJ.L. Elliott
648YankcanuckWater Color20 x 301967KnownCatp. F.Manzzutti
647CarolinaWater Color30 x 401967KnownE.N. Middleton
646City of Detroit IIIWater Color30 x 401966KnownDossin Museum
645PhiladelphiaWater Color19 x 241966KnownBarker
644Philadelphia (tug)Pencil6 x 91966KnownDowling Collection
643Cliffs VictoryWater Color10 x 141966KnownGordon Prouse
642Temeraire (yacht)Water Color16 x 201966KnownF. Prouse
641City of BuffaloWater Color16 x 201966KnownW.A. McDonald
640CarolinaWater Color20 x 301966KnownJ.L. Elliott
639CarolinaPencil8 x 101966KnownDowling Collection
638Tug Canada, etc.Pencilsmall1966KnownD. Merrilees
637Waves, etc.Water Color13 x 161966KnownDr. J.M. Shuey
636Harvey D. GoulderWater Color15 x 201966KnownS. Roy
635Harvey D. GoulderPencil8 1/2 x 111966KnownDowling Collection
634MohawkWater Color6 3/4 x 8 1/21966KnownDowling Collection
633VirginiaPencil7 x 91966KnownDowling Collection
632VirginiaPencil5 x 81966KnownDowling Collection
631Augustus B. WolvinPencil8 1/2 x 111965KnownDowling Collection
629La CanadiennePencil5 x 91965KnownDowling Collection
628North WestPencil3 1/2 x 6 1/21965KnownDowling Collection
627StaruccaPencil5 1/2 x 81965KnownDowling Collection
626Western ReservePen5 x 6 1/21965KnownDowling Collection
625Western ReservePencil7 1/2 x 9 1/21965KnownDowling Collection
624GrecianWater Color15 x 201965KnownDossing Museum
623ArgusWater Color 8 x 101965KnownM.O'Connor
622City of Detroit IIIInk3 1/2 x 5 1/21965KnownG.L.M.I.
621ManolaWater Color10 x 161965KnownT. Manse
620MalietoaWater Color12 x 161965KnownJ.Bascom, Jr.
619DuluthWater Color15 x 201965KnownW.J. Luke
618KeewatinWater Color15 x 201965KnownF. Prouse
617NevadaWater Color12 x 151965KnownJ.L. Elliott
616GreyhoundWater Color15 x 201965KnownRev. D.J. Marshall, S.J.
615AlabamaWater Color22 x 361965KnownJ.L. Elliott
614ClarionWater Color12 x 131965KnownD.V. Baut
613ClarionPencil7 x 91965KnownDowling Collection
612FernieWater Color12 x 161965KnownEd. Wilson
611FerniePencil6 x 81965KnownDowling Collection
610TorontoWater Color16 x 201965KnownA. Howard
609TorontoPencil6 x 9 1/21965KnownDowling Collection
608Waukegan HarborWater Color12 x 161965KnownRev. Peter Van der Linden
607Grays Reef, Lake MichiganWater Color 81/4 x 201965KnownG. Rajewski
606MarkhamWater Color19 x 241965KnownUSA Engineers - Detroit
605Cliffs VictoryWater Color30 x 401965KnownPeter B. Worden
604Monroe C. Smith1964KnownWife Cdr. USCG
603Glenellah1964KnownWife of Col. USA
602MissouriInkname tags 2x31964KnownMrs. Reinhard
601City of South HavenWater Colorsmall1964KnownMrs. R.E. Lee
600LakerPencil4 x 7 1/21964KnownDowling Collection
599City of BuffaloWater Color16 x 201964Lostaccidentally destroyed
598City of South HavenWater Color16 x 201964KnownR.E. Lee
597GlenellahWater Color12 x 161964KnownRev. Peter Van der Linden
596Philo ParsonsWater Color16 x 201963KnownDossin Museum
595Island QueenWater Color16 x 201963KnownDossin Museum
594Cayuga - passengerWater Color30 x 401963KnownW.A. Hoey
593Western StatesWater Color30 x 401962KnownW.M. Worden
592Michigan - car ferryPencil8 1/2 x 111961KnownDossin Museum
591Transit - car ferryPencil8 1/2 x 111961KnownDossin Museum
590ManitouWater Color24 x 361960KnownC.B. Mitchell
589Jackson HarborWater Color24 x 361960KnownB.L. Kosnik
588City of Detroit (2)Ink8 x 101960KnownGLMI - Hoey
587TashmooWater Color16 x 201960KnownR. Nisky
586PeleeWater Color10 x 141960KnownDossin Museum
585Lighthouse and reflectionsPencil7 x 61960KnownDowling Collecttion
584Freighter and two tugsPencil7 x 91960KnownDowling Collection
583Cayuga - passengerPencil5 x 71963KnownDowling Collection
582Canaller - plan and profilePencil8 1/2 x 10 1/21963Lost
581NavarinoWater Color and Pencil8 x 101959KnownDossin Musuem
580FreighterPencil6 x 81958KnownDowling Collection
579South American and Huron Lightship Water Color7 x 111962KnownGLMI - Hoey
576Whitefish Bay - iceWater Color15 x 201957KnownBarker
572Silver ChiefWater Color20 x 301956KnownJ. Gerardi
571PerseusWater Color16 x 201956KnownCapt. H. Booth
566BannockburnWater Color15 x 201955KnownG.H. Lauhoff
562Detroit EdisonInk7 x 121954KnownEdison Boat Club
558Frank A. AugsburyWater Color14 x 201952KnownJ.H. Bascom
556Tashmoo - MHSD letterheadPencilsmall1959KnownDowling Collection
555SeeandbeeWater Color14 x 201950KnownDana Thomas Bowen
554Cayuga - freighterWater Color15 x 211950KnownW.A. McDonald
553ManitouWater Color14 x 201949KnownJ.Ottinger
552Columbia - Bob-Lo BoatWater Color10 x 141949KnownKeith F. Smith
551TiogaWater Color10 x 141949KnownF.W. Dutton
550Ann Arbor No.1Ink12 x 181948LostLost
549OwegoWater Color12 x 151948KnownW.A. McDonald
548Pere MarquetteWater Color15 x 201948KnownT.B. Dancey
547SylvaniaWater Color10 x 141948KnownBay Mills Rectory
546P.T. BoatWater Color14 x 201948KnownJ.Byrne
545VirginiaWater Color14 x 201948KnownK.E. Smith
544Michigan - freighter 1881Water Color14 x 201948KnownE.A. Massman, Jr.
543David DowsWater Color14 x 201948KnownBarker
542IllinoisWater Color10 x 141948KnownD.T. Glick
541MissouriWater Color10 x 141948KnownP.M. Reinhard
540MHSD program - April 28, 1948Pencilsmall1947KnownDowling Collection
539U of D campus - TowerWater Color15 x 201947Lost
538Southeast Bend - St. Clair RiverWater Color10 x 141947KnownS.B. Worden
537Columbia - Bob-Lo BoatWater Color10 x 141947KnownK.E. Smith
536PegasusWater Color10 x 141947KnownRev. J. Karol, S.J.
535Ship of the Future - jet prop. - trimaran Water Color10 x 141947KnownJ.Gorst
534Greater DetroitPencilsmall1946Lost
533AlpenaWater Color10 x 141946KnownK.E. Smith
532Lac La BelleWater Color10 x 141946KnownK.E. Smith
531Frank ArmstrongWater Color14 x 201946KnownH.C. Inches
530Steamship of the FutureWater Color10 x 141946KnownJ. Gorst
527R.N. RicePencilsmall1945Lost
525BannockburnPencil6 x 91945KnownDowling Collection
524A.F. HarveyPencilsmall1944Lost
523Ralph BuddPencilsmall1944Lost
522Detroit River - FreightersWater Color10 x 141944KnownDossin Museum
521Irving S. OldsPencilsmall1944Lost
519VirginiaInk on cloth5 x 91944KnownDowling Collection
518William J. AverellInk on cloth8 x 101944KnownDowling Collection
517William J. AverellPencil8 x 101944KnownDowling Collection
516Reiss BrothersWater Color20 x 301944KnownCapt. M.A. Bazaire
515TashmooInk10 x 181944KnownMarine Historical Society of Detroit
514MaunaloaWater Color8 1/2 x 111944KnownK. Perron
511Charles DonnellyPencilsmall1943Lost
510R.E. Moody - at DetroitPencilsmall1943Lost
509Leon FraserPencilsmall1943Lost
508David P. ThompsonWater Color7 x 101943KnownJ. Ottinger
507Donald B. GilliesWater Color10 x 141943KnownGesu Rectory
506Cathead PointWater Color14 x 181943KnownJ. Gerardi
505W.W. HollowayPencil8 x 101943Lost
504D.M. ClemsonWater Color14 x 211943KnownC.P. Labadie
503Escanaba, USCGCWater Color16 x 201943KnownF.R.E. Crossley
502John A. DonaldsonWater Color16 x 201943KnownDr. E.L. Stefani
501Christopher ColumbusWater Color16 x 201943KnownMrs. D.K. Goodrich
498Freighter and tugPencil8 1/2 x 111942KnownDowling Collection on back of # 495
497Joliet and tug WelcomeWater Color10 x 141942Lost
496Robert J. Paisley Water Color15 x 201942KnownSr. M. Thaddea IHM
495Freighter and ReflectionsWater Color8 1/2 x 111942KnownDowling Collection - see #498
494Detroit River - opening of navigation Water Color8 x 161942KnownMrs. F. Posselius
493Vermilion, Ohio - SunsetWater Color10 x 141942KnownHavern
492White Shoals, Lake MichiganWater Color12 x 181942KnownDossin Museum
491MarylandWater Color12 x 181942KnownM.McGarry
487R.E. Moody - at ClevelandPencilsmall1941Lost
486E.B. OslerPensmall1941KnownGLMI
485Vermilion, Ohio - sceneWater Color 10 x 141941KnownSchultz
484Vermilion, Ohio - VillaWater Color10 x 14 1941Lost
483Vermilion, Ohio - VillaWater Color10 x 141941KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
482ArcturusWater Color15 x 201941KnownS.B. Worden
481Thomas W. LamontWater Color12 x 161941KnownF.M. Woodworth
479WissahickonPencil5 x 81940KnownBarker
4783 freighters on the lakeInk4 x 51940Lost
477Clouds and FreighterPencil8 1/2 x 111940Lost
476Milwaukee Lighthouse, etc.Water Color15 x 201940KnownJ.L. Elliott
475Milwaukee Lighthouse, etc.Pencil4 1/2 x 8 1/21940KnownDowling Collection
474Car FerryPencil3 x 4 1/21940KnownDowling Collection
473Storm on Lake HuronWater Color16 x 201940KnownJ. Ottinger
472View from Sleeping BearWater Color10 x 141940KnownSchultz
469Stadacona (2) - Soo RiverWater Color10 x 141939Lost
468Beach - waves and old pierWater Color16 x 201939Lost
467Pawnee Creek, KansasWater Color8 x 111939KnownDowling Collection
466Kaw Valley - SpringWater Color7 x 9 1/21939KnownDowling Collection
465Car Ferries - MilwaukeeWater Color10 x 141939KnownJ. Ottinger
464John Down, Jr.Pencil3 x 61939KnownDowling Collection
463David M. WeirWater Color12 x 181939KnownG.P. Hanley
462Surf - Ship on HorizonWater Color10 x 141939KnownDowling Collection
461Glen Lake, MichiganWater Color12 x 201939KnownJ. Dandy
460Omena Bay - MoonlightWater Color10 x 141939KnownDowling Collection
459St. Mary's Coll., Chimney Reflections Water Color10 x 141939Lost
458Blue Bay - OmenaWater Color14 x 201939KnownJames Kosnik
457A.F. HarveyWater Color11 x 141939KnownUDM Lansing-Reilly Hall
456S.B. WayWater Color14 x 201939KnownJ. Ottinger
455Parma - ocean barkWater Color 14 x 201939KnownDr. W. Weaver
454The North WindWater Color10 x 141939Lost
453City of Detroit IIIWater Color14 x 201939KnownJ.P. Rowland
452Fox Islands, Lake MichiganWater Color12 x 201938KnownDowling Collection
451Manitou Islands, Lake MichiganWater Color12 x 201938KnownDowling Collection
450Kansas River - Old BridgeWater Color7 1/2 x 10 1/21938KnownJames Kosnik
449Pawnee Creek, KansasWater Color7 1/4 x 101938KnownDowling Collection
448Kansas HillsWater Color8 x 10 1/21938KnownDowling Collection
447Square Rigger in FogWater Color10 x 71938KnownBarker
446Rocky ShoreWater Color5 x 8 1/21938KnownDowling Collection
445Red Buoy - Traverse BayWater Color10 x 141938Lost
444South Chicago at NightWater Color11 1/2 x 17 1/21938KnownJ. Ottinger
443WyandotteWater Color12 x 191938KnownJ.L. Elliott
442Harry T. EwigWater Color7 x 91938KnownJ.Ottinger
441North BranchWater Color11 x 171938KnownDossin Museum
440William A. IrvinWater Color12 x 161938Lost
439Dog - Great DaneWater Color16 x 201938KnownDr. W. Weaver
438Joseph Dollar (bark)Water Color14 x 201938KnownRev. C.LeMay, S.J.
437Harry CoulbyWater Color14 x 201938KnownRev. C.LeMay, S.J.
436E.A.S. Clarke (2)Water Color14 x 201938KnownJ.R. Clarke
435LackawannaWater Color14 x 201938KnownM. McGarry
434Freight Train - St. Mary's, KSWater Color6 x 141938KnownDowling Collection
433Mignon (yacht)Water Color10 x 141938Lost
432Mignon (yacht)Pencil8 x 101938KnownBryon Babbish
431Ship in FogWater Color7 x 8 3/41938KnownDowling Collection
430Conemaugh (2)Water Color6 x 81938KnownJ. Ottinger
429Conemaugh (2)Pencil3 x 4 1/21938KnownDowling Collection
428VegaWater Color7 x 91938KnownJ. Ottinger
427Omena PointWater Color7 x 91938KnownDowling Collection
426Omena BayWater Color10 x 141938KnownR.R. Johnson
425Northport BayWater Color10 x141938KnownDowling Collection
424Sutton's Bay Point Water Color10 x 141938KnownUDM Lansing-Reilly Hall
423Windblown Waters - OmenaWater Color10 x 141938KnownByron Babbish
422Evening Colors, Traverse BayWater Color10 x141938KnownUDM Lansing-Reilly Hall
421Cloudy Day, Traverse BayWater Color10 x 141938KnownByron Babbish
420Villa Marquette - BoatsWater Color7 x 9 1/21938KnownPeter Worden
419Ford Island, Traverse BayWater Color7 x 9 1/21938KnownDowling Collection
418Cathead PointWater Color7 x 9 1/21938KnownMrs. R.E. Lee
417Surf and RocksWater Color5 x 81938KnownDowling Collection
416Grays Reef - Lightvessel 99Water Color7 1/2 x 10 1/21938KnownDowling Collection
415James Baines - clipperWater Color18 x 121938KnownJ. Gerardi
414Kansas River - Dry SeasonWater Color8 1/2 x 10 1/21938KnownDowling Collection
413St. Mary's, Kansas - Sand PitWater Color8 1/2 x 10 1/21938KnownDowling Collection
412St. Mary's, Kansas - Sand PitWater Color7 1/2 x 10 1/21938KnownDowling Collection
411Morning HorizonWater Color5 x 81938KnownDowling Collection
410St. Mary's Coll., KS - Water TankWater Color8 x 101938KnownDowling Collection
409St. Mary's College, KS - BarnsWater Color6 1/4 8 1/21938KnownDowling Collection
408St. Mary's College, KS - BuildingsWater Color6 1/4 x 8 1/21938KnownDowling Collection
407Kansas - Green Fields and TreesWater Color6 1/4 x 8 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
406Leviathan - leaving for scrappingWater Color10 x 141937KnownFr. Tom McGriffin
404White Lake, MichiganWater Color10 x 141937KnownDowling Collection
403Grand RapidsWater Color10 x 141937KnownRev.J.J. Kelleher, S.J.
402William H. WarnerWater Color 10 x 141937Lost
401William H. WarnerPencil5 x 81937KnownDowling Collection
400TransoilWater Color14 x 201937KnownRev. J.McQuayle, S.J.
399Horse (for Comp. DeSmet Bo)Ink4 x 81937Lost
398Alex B. UhrigWater Color14 x 201937KnownC. Wirth
397Milwaukee, Lightvessel 95Water Color14 x 201937KnownDowling Collection
396Ann Arbor No. 7Water Color10 x 141937KnownRev.K.McKinnon
395Thomas W. LamontWater Color15 x 211937KnownDossin Museum
394America, yacht 1851Water Color14 x 201937Lost
393John B. Cowle and TugsWater Color10 x 141937KnownP.M. Reinhard
392EmperorWater Color14 x 181937KnownF.J. McAllister
391St. Mary's Coll. - Moon over chapel Water Color10 x 141937KnownDowling Collection
390Sunset, Mississippi RiverWater Color10 x 141937KnownDowling Collection
389Sunset on LakeWater Color7 1/2 x 8 1/41937KnownDowling Collection
388John StantonWater Color8 x 101937KnownByron Babbish
387Car FerryPencil5 1/2 x 7 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
386ManitouWater Color6 1/2 x 101937KnownDowling Collection
385Crystal Lake, Ill. - BoatsWater Color8 1/2 x 111937KnownDowling Collection
384Crystal Lake, Ill. - SceneWater Color8 1/2 x 111937KnownDowling Collection
383Crystal Lake, Ill. - DockWater Color10 x 141937KnownDowling Collection
382Car Ferry on horizonWater Color7 x 9 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
381Surf and BeachWater Color7 1/2 x 8 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
380Kansas - Autumn TreesWater Color6 3/4 x 8 1/41937KnownDowling Collection
378Small Sailboat - Burt LakeWater Color10 x 141937Lost
377MapInk and Crayonslarge1937Lost
376MapInk and Crayonslarge1937Lost
375St. Mary's Coll., KS - GymnasiumWater Color5 x 81937KnownDowling Collection
374Books on DeskWater Color6 3/4 x 8 1/41937KnownDowling Collection
373Kansas - Tree on HillWater Color5 x 81937KnownDowling Collection
372Kansas - Autumn FieldsWater Color8 x 101937KnownDowling Collection
371David Z. NortonWater Color10 x 141937KnownJ.L. Elliott
370Kansas VillageWater Color8 x 101937KnownDowling Collection
369St. Mary's Kansas - ShackWater Color8 x 101937KnownDowling Collection
368Kansas - Yellow TreeWater Color6 3/4 x 8 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
367Kansas - Trees and HillWater Color8 x 51937KnownDowling Collection
366Kansas - Fields and HillWater Color7 x 8 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
365St. Mary's College, KS-Rainy DayWater Color8 1/4 x 10 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
364Star Class YachtWater Color10 x 141937KnownRev. T.E. Davitt, S.J.
363Fantome IIWater Color10 x 141937KnownJ. McCue
362St. Ignatius High School - courtyard Water Color12 x 161937Lost
361St. Ignatius High School, ChicagoWater Color12 x 161937Lost
360Kansas - Fields and WindmillWater Color8 x 61937KnownDowling Collection
354Ancient TriremeWater Color10 x 141937KnownFr. Herman Muller, S.J.
353Package Freighter on horizonPencil8 1/2 x 111937KnownDowling Collection
352Pere Marquette 22Oil Mural 27 x 541937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
351Pere Marquette 22Water Color6 3/4 x 13 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
350Greater DetroitOil Mural 27 x 541937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
349Greater DetroitWater Color6 3/4 x 13 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
348D.M. ClemsonOil Mural 27 x 541937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
347D.M. ClemsonWater Color 6 3/4 x 13 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
346North WestOil Mural 27 x 541937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
345North WestWater Color 6 3/4 x 13 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
344Soo Locks - panoramaOil Mural 27 x 271937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
343Soo Locks - panoramaWater Color6 3/4 x 13 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
342Soo Locks - panoramaOil Mural 27 x 541937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
341Soo Locks - panoramaWater Color6 3/4 x 13 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
340Soo Locks - panoramaOil Mural 27 x 541937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
339Soo Locks - panoramaWater Color 6 3/4 x 6 3/41937KnownDowling Collection
338Christopher ColumbusOil Mural 27 x 541937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
337Christopher ColumbusWater Color 6 3/4 x 13 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
336SaranacOil Mural 27 x 541937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
335SaranacWater Color6 3/4 x 13 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
334OnokoOil Mural 27 x 541937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
333OnokoWater Color6 3/4 x 13 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
332Huron, Light Vessel 96Oil Mural 27 x 121937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
331Huron, Light Vessel 96Water Color13 1/2 x 161937KnownDowling Collection
330Huron, Light Vessel 96Pencil4 x 41937KnownDowling Collection
329J.I. CaseOil Mural 21 x 541937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
328J.I. CaseWater Color6 3/4 x 13 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
327MaineOil Mural 27 x 541937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
326MaineWater Color6 3/4 x 13 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
325Wind Point LighthouseOil Mural 27 x 121937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
324Wind Point LighthouseWater Color13 1/2 x 61937KnownDowling Collection
323Merchant Oil Mural 27 x 541937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
322MerchantWater Color6 3/4 x 13 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
321U.S.S. MichiganOil Mural 27 x 541937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
320U.S.S. MichiganWater Color6 3/4 x 13 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
319VandaliaOil Mural 27 x 541937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
318VandaliaWater Color 6 3/4 x 13 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
317Marquette's GraveOil Mural 27 x 541937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
316Marquette's GraveWater Color 4 3/4 x 131937KnownDowling Collection
315Walk in the WaterOil Mural 27 x 541937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
314Walk in the WaterWater Color 6 3/4 x 13 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
313Battle of Lake ErieOil Mural 27 x 271937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
312Battle of Lake ErieWater Color6 3/4 x 6 3/41937KnownDowling Collection
311Battle of Lake ErieOil Mural 27 x 541937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
310Battle of Lake ErieWater Color 6 3/4 x 13 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
309Battle of Lake ErieOil Mural 27 x 271937Known St. Ignatius High School, Chicago
308Battle of Lake ErieWater Color6 3/4 x 6 3/41937KnownDowling Collection
307Detroit - earlyOil Mural 27 x 541937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
306Detroit - earlyWater Color6 3/4 x 13 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
305Griffon (1679)Oil Mural 27 x 541937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
304Griffon (1679)Water Color6 3/4 x 13 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
303Marquette and Joliet, ChicagoOil Mural 27 x 541937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
302Marquette and Joliet, ChicagoOil Mural 27 x 541937KnownSt. Ignatius High School, Chicago
301Marquette and Joliet, ChicagoWater Color6 3/4 x 13 1/21937KnownDowling Collection
286Waves, Clouds, ShipWater Color14 x 91936KnownT. Kosnik
285FrontenacWater Color10 x 141936KnownDana Thomas Bowen
284Saint Louis University - Yard, etc.Crayons10 x 10 1/21936KnownDowling Collection
283Sailing ShipWater Color16 x 201936KnownRev. A.Kohlman, S.J.
282Surf and BeachWater Color 16 x 201936KnownDowling Collection
281James E. McAlpineWater Color8 1/2 x 131936KnownJ. Ottinger
277Car ferry in fogWater Color8 x 101936KnownGreg R. (?)
276City of Flint 32Water Color6 1/2 x 101936KnownDowling Collection
275Surf and clouds [old 343]Water Color 8 x 101936KnownPeter Worden
274Viking ShipWater Color20 x 141936KnownFr. Herman Muller, S.J.
273Crystal Lake, IllinoisWater Color7 1/2/ x 91936KnownDowling Collection
272William G. ClydeWater Color16 x 201936KnownR.H. Larson
271A.F. HarveyWater Color14 x 201936KnownRev. H.J.Kerner, S.J.
266West Baden, Indiana - BarnPencil8 1/2 x 111935KnownDowling Collection
265SeascapeWater Color10 x 141935Lost
264SeascapeWater Color10 x 141935Lost
263SeascapeWater Color10 x 141935Lost
262GleneaglesWater Color10 x 141935Lost
261DonnaconnaWater Color 12 x 151935Lost
260Chariot of Fame [clipper]Water Color14 x 201936Lost
259Star of Empire [clipper]Water Color 16 x 201935Lost
258Pere Marquette 22Water Color10 x 141935KnownT.B. Dancey
257Star of India [Bark]Water Color14 x 101935Lost
256Sailing ShipWater Color10 x 141935KnownRev. J. Mackin
2554 - masted barkWater Color 16 x 201935Lost
254Joseph BlockWater Color10 x 141935KnownJ. Brockmeyer
253Freighter in moonlightCrayons11 x 8 1/21935KnownBarker
252Edward E. Loomis and W.C. Frantz Water Color10 x 141935KnownSchultz
251Freighter - Bow onPencil1 1/2 x 31935KnownDowling Collection
246LeviathanWater Color16 x 201934Lost
245ManitouWater Color10 x 141934KnownW.A. Hoey
244Edwin N. Saunders, Jr.Water Color16 x 201934Lost
243John B. CowlePencil3 1/2 x 41934KnownMrs. R. Mason
242Monroe C. SmithWater Color10 x 141934KnownRev. Peter Van der Linden
241Night Express TrainCrayons8 x 101934KnownDowling Collection
240West Baden, Indiana - TreesCrayons8 1/2 x 111934KnownDowling Collection
239Crescent CityCrayons9 x 121934KnownDowling Collection
238West Baden, Indiana - HillsCrayons9 x 121934KnownDowling Collection
237St. Mary's College, Kansas Campus Crayons9 x 121934KnownDowling Collection
236St. Mary's College, Kansas ChapelCrayons9 x 121934KnownDowling Collection
235Waves and skyCrayons9 x 121934KnownDowling Collection
234Blue WavesCrayons9 x 121934KnownDowling Collection
233OnondagaCrayons9 x 121934KnownDowling Collection
232North StarWater Color14 x 101934KnownSchultz
231Frank H. GoodyearWater Color15 x 201934Lost
229Poduka [Fictitious]Crayons10 x 141933Lost
228North LandWater Color10 x 141933KnownDowling Collection
227Arthur OrrWater Color 10 x 141933KnownRev. Peter Van der Linden
226Missouri-Pacific LocomotivePencilsmall1933Lost
225Narcissus [tug]Water Color 10 x 141933Lost
224HamonicPencil4 1/2 x 51933KnownSchultz
223W.J. ConnersPencil3 1/2 x 6 1/21933KnownBarker
222Waves and skyWater Color 6 1/2 x 9 1/21933KnownDowling Collection
221Car ferry in stormWater Color9 x 121933KnownDowling Collection
2202 car ferries - MilwaukeeWater Color 9 x 121933KnownDowling Collection
219Ralph BuddWater Color 10 x 141933Lost
218Harry W. CroftWater Color 10 x 141933Lost
217Grand Trunk Docks, MilwaukeeWater Color10 x 141933KnownDowling Collection
216Sailing ShipWater Color 20 x 301933KnownRev. M. Stritch, S.J.
215Milford Novitiate [Ohio]Crayons10 x 10 1/21933KnownDowling Collection
214Roll On [Lake Superior]Water Color 11 x 141933KnownUDM Lansing-Reilly
213Leviathan [U.S. Lines]Water Color 18 x 241933Lost
212Grace Harwar [Bark]Water Color18 x 241933Lost
211Laid-up fleet, MilwaukeeWater Color 10 x 141933KnownSchultz
206Graf Zeppelin (Dirigible) - over WahcondahPencilsmall1932Lost
205Chris Greene (Ohio R.)Pencilsmall1932Lost
204South AmericanWater Color10 x 141932Lost
203AlleghenyWater Color10 x 141932Lost
201City of Milwaukee [car ferry]Water Color10 x 141932Lost
200Tionesta and ManitouWater Color10 x 141932KnownR.R. Johnson
194Georgia - etc.Pencil8 x 101931Lost
1932 Pennsylvania RR locomotivesPencilsmall1931Lost
192Norfolk and Western TrainPencilsmall1931Lost
191Norfolk and Western TrainPencilsmall1931Lost
161Booklet of pen and pencil sketches of Great Lakes Scenes and Ships
158ManitouPencil5 x 81930Lost
157Hills and Scenery [Milford]Pencil5 x 81930Lost
156Detail of tower [Milford]Pencil5 x 81930Lost
155J.J. CasePencil5 x 81930Lost
154Ventura [ocean]Pencil5 x 81930Lost
153George W. MeadOil16 x 201930Lost
152Manhattan IslandOil16 x 201930KnownR.J. Rafferty
151Manhattan IslandOil16 x 201930KnownR. O'Connor
1482 freighters on horizonOil12 x 151929Lost
147DuluthOil16 x 201929Lost
145E.A.S. ClarkePencilsketches1929Lost
144Square RiggerOil16 x 201929Lost
143Alfred H. SmithWater Color10 x 141929Lost
142Edward E. LoomisPencil6 x 81929KnownDowling Collection
141CreteWater Color7 x 91929Lost
140Henry PhippsWater Color7 x 91929Lost
139North WestWater Color10 x 141929KnownJ. Ottinger
138Saramacca [ocean]Oil8 x 101929Lost
137South Chicago HarborOil12 x 181929Lost
136G.N. WilsonOil16 x 201929Lost
135Gary Harbor and FreighterOil16 x 201929Lost
134Amasa Stone [corrected to Elbert Gary - 1934] 1929Dowling Collection
133Augustus B. WolvinWater Color9 x 121929KnownSchultz
132Suriname [ocean]Oil7 x 101929Lost
131William A. McGonagleWater Color10 x 141929KnownDowling Collection
127Tomlinson Frtr. [stern]Water Color10 x 141928Lost
126Stacks [G.L. frtr. fleets]Water Color9 x 121928Lost
125Stacks [G.L. pass.fleets]Water Color9 x 121928Lost
124Canopus & PegasusPencilsmall1928Lost
123Angamos [Chilean frtr.]Pencilsmall1928Lost
122VenusOil20 x 301928Lost
121C. Russell HubbardOil16 x 201928Lost
120LebanonOil16 x 241928Lost
119City of Grand RapidsOil16 x 241928Lost
118Caronia (Cunard)Oilmedium1928Lost
117Sir Trevor DawsonCrayons8 x 131928KnownUDM Lansing Reilly
116ManitouWater Color11 x 12.51928KnownPaul Rosner
115Package FreighterPencil12 x 161928KnownDowling Collection
114A.F. HarveyPencil12 x 161928KnownDowling Collection
1133 Freighters - St.Mary?s RiverPencil12 x 161928KnownDowling Collection
112R.L. AgassizOil12 x 161928Lost
111R.L. AgassizPencil12 x 161928Lost
107John J. BolandWater Color1927Lost
106Henry S. SillPencil5 x 81927Lost
105IndianaWater Color14 x 201927Lost
104Joseph SellwoodWater Color10 x 141927Lost
103Grays Reef (L.V. 56)Oil12 x 151927Lost
102City of Grand RapidsWater Color16 x 201927Lost
101Howard M. Hanna, Jr.Water Color15 x 181927KnownDowling Collection
95H.H. PorterWater Color12 x 181926KnownDowling Collection
94William K. FieldWater Color12 x 181926KnownDowling Collection
93MerchantWater Color12 x 181926KnownDowling Collection
92Stormy WeatherWater Color12 x 181926KnownHarvey Nissley
91SuperiorWater Color12 x 181926KnownDowling Collection
90Clipper ShipWater Color12 x 181926KnownDowling Collection
89Robert L. IrelandWater Color14 x 181926KnownDowling Collection
88Harold B. NyeWater Color14 x 201926KnownDowling Collection
87De Glasse (ocean)Water Color12 x 181926KnownDowling Collection
86Northward BoundWater Color12 x 181926KnownDowling Collection
85Waves and RocksWater Color12 x 181926KnownDowling Collection
84Square RiggerWater Color12 x 181926KnownDowling Collection
83Two FreightersWater Color7 x 101926KnownDowling Collection
82ManitouWater Color12 x 181926KnownDowling Collection
81Saturnia (ocean)Pencilsmall1926Lost
76Captain Thomas WilsonWater Color10 x 141925Lost
75Tomlinson FreighterWater Color14 x 201925Lost
74SunsetWater Color12 x 181925KnownDowling Collection
73North StarWater Color15 x 181925KnownDowling Collection
72James WattWater Color14 x 201925Lost
71MunisingWater Color14 x 201925Lost
70D.M. PhilbinOil8 x 101925Lost
69ReginaWater Color14 x 201925KnownJ.R. Link
68Maui (Matson)Water Color14 x 201925KnownJ.R. Link
67Homeric (ocean)Water Color14 x 201925KnownJ.R. Link
66William H. WarnerWater Color14 x 201925KnownJ.W. Ostrander
65William T. RobertsWater Color10 x 141925Lost
64Effingham B. MorrisWater Color12 x 161925Lost
63Grand IslandWater Color14 x 201925KnownDr. B.E. Bush
62Minnewaska (ocean)Water Color14 x 201925KnownJ.S. Kearney
61TroyWater Color16 x 201925KnownDowling Collection
51Sir William FairbairnPencilsmall1924Lost
46Row of ShipsWater Color12 x 161923Lost
45Cartoon (For School Paper) Ink5 x 101923Lost
44Bowl of FruitCrayons 9 x 121922Lost
43Holy Child Academy Grounds Water Color10 x 141922Lost
42Still LifeCrayons 9x 121922Lost
41George W. ClydePencil8 x 101922Lost
36Airplane (Curtis)Pencilsmall1921Lost
35Airplane (DeHavilland) Pencilsmall1921Lost
34Thanksgiving SceneCrayons 12 x 151921Lost
33William D. CrawfordPencilsmall1921Lost
32D.P. PerryPencil5 x 81921Lost
31OctoraraWater Color9 x 121921Lost
26ResoluteWater Color9 x 121920Lost
25AlabamaPencil8 x 101920Lost
24NoronicWater Color9 x 121920Lost
23HamonicWater Color9 x 121920Lost
22MinnesotaWater Color9 x 121920Lost
21MissouriWater Color9 x 121920Lost
14Pere Marquette 17Pencilsmall1919Lost
13Muskegon (1831)Pencilsmall1919Lost
12Lusitania (Cunard)Water Color9 x 121919Lost
11Car FerryWater Color7 x 101919Lost
10Indiana DunesWater Colorsmall1919Lost
7Cat (Neighbors)Pencil8 x 101920Lost
6Passenger ShipWater Color12 x 101919Lost
5SteamshipWater Color8 x 101918Lost
1LandscapeCrayons small1915Lost
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