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Subtitle: Northern Humiliation and Southern Spirit.

Title: Anglo-African - August 26, 1965

Speaker or author: editor

Newspaper or publication: Anglo-African (1863 - 1865)

The writer comments on the demeanor of Robert E. Lee as he surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant. The writer notes that there was no humility in this surrender and it seemed to be based more on the South's inability to feed its troops than on any admission of wrong. This, he believes, leaves open the question of continuing the institution of slavery.

Description of file(s): two scanned, two columned, newspaper pages

Subtitle: The Outbreak in Virginia.

Title: Anglo-African Magazine - November, 1859

Speaker or author: editor

Newspaper or publication: Anglo-African Magazine (1859 - 1860)

Detailed account of the raid on Harper's Ferry by John Brown published originally in the Baltimore American and New York Herald. Included is an interview with John Brown shortly after his capture, and a brief account of his statements before the Grand Jury before his trial.

Description of file(s): eight scanned magazine pages (14 columns)

Title: Charles Lenox Remond

Speaker or author: Remond, Charles Lenox, 1810-1873

Newspaper or publication: Anglo-African

Overview of speech encouraging the audience to continue their efforts for freedom until "... the ruling power was shamed into doing them justice." The speaker stressed the necessity of fighting for African American suffrage even though they were now free.

Description of file(s): PDF 1 page, 187 word document (text and image)

Subtitle: Enthusiasm and Patriotism of Colored Men on the War.

Title: Pacific Appeal - August 1, 1863

Speaker or author: editor

Newspaper or publication: Pacific Appeal (1862 - 188?)

The writer comments on events surrounding the recruitment of African American troops in Pennsylvania. He shares an excerpt from a speech given to new recruits telling them that if they prove themselves to be men now and fight for their country, that the U. S. cannot help but reward their valor with gratitude.

Description of file(s): one scanned, two columned, newspaper page

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