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Subtitle: Our Banking System.

Title: Colored American - July 1, 1837

Speaker or author: editor

Newspaper or publication: Colored American (1837 - 1842)

The writer believes that the only solution to the problem of corruption and monopoly in the current banking system is to form a national or government regulated bank.

Description of file(s): one scanned, two columned, newspaper page

Subtitle: Editorial Correspondence.

Title: Impartial Citizen - September 5, 1849

Speaker or author: Ward, Samuel Ringgold, b. 1817

Newspaper or publication: Impartial Citizen (1849 - 1851)

The writer describes his travels to Pennsylvania. He highlights villages, people he meets along the way, and his experiences during his journey.

Description of file(s): four scanned, two columned, newspaper pages

Subtitle: New York, April 6, 1861. Cottonocracy.

Title: Weekly Anglo-African - April 6, 1861

Speaker or author: editor

Newspaper or publication: Weekly Anglo-African (1859 - 1862)

Slave labor would not be necessary if not for the production of cotton, one of the most important products in the civilized world at this point. The threat of abolishing slavery, is perceived as including a threat of losing the cotton supply for many countries. The solution expressed by the writer is to create a system of free labor for the production of cotton. This will benefit not only the economic growth of the country but an entire race of people as well.

Description of file(s): four scanned newspaper pages (seven columns)

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