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Honors Convocation

Mercy College

Institution president: Patricia, Mary, RSM

Speaker / Addess: Powers, J.; Powers, J.

Special honors: Baker, Margaret Mary; Baker, Margaret Mary; Brede, Mary Ann; Brede, Mary Ann; Brien, Barbara Jean; Brien, Barbara Jean; Carlin, Anne Fearon; Carlin, Anne Fearon; Daneke, Joan Ann; Daneke, Joan Ann; Flannagan, G.; Flannagan, G.; Geisler, Barbara Ann; Geisler, Barbara Ann; Giffin, Esther Theresa; Giffin, Esther Theresa; Hurley, Elizabeth Faith; Hurley, Elizabeth Faith; Keyworth, Barbara Claire; Keyworth, Barbara Claire; Knapp, Beverly Ann; Knapp, Beverly Ann; Kubasiewicz, Donatha M.; Kubasiewicz, Donatha M.; Lutz, Linda Lou; Lutz, Linda Lou; Mansour, Josephine Ann; Mansour, Josephine Ann; Miney, Joan Marie; Miney, Joan Marie; Shmina, Mary Louise; Shmina, Mary Louise; Theisen, Elizabeth Jane; Theisen, Elizabeth Jane; Vogt, Patricia Ann; Vogt, Patricia Ann; Waugh, Eleanor M.; Waugh, Eleanor M.; Wozniak, Anita Agnes; Wozniak, Anita Agnes

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