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An Introduction

An Introduction

by Maurice Greenia, Jr.

Hello, yes welcome to my art and texts website. Thanks for visiting.

I'd like to thank everyone at the University of Detroit Mercy main campus library for all their hard work and support for this project. Also, thanks to the entire University of Detroit Mercy for making this archive possible.

I've been working on archiving my work myself, of course. As time goes by, I'll have fun adding new artwork and written materials to this archive, and playing with it.

I reserve all rights to this work even though it's "free for the viewing."

If anyone wants to use any of the materials held in this archive (in any way, in any form) please contact me. For instance, if someone wants to use an image for a poster or book or CD or magazine cover, that's usually fine but I'd like to know about it and discuss it first. If someone wants to use or publish any of my poetry or other writing, the same rules apply.

I've been so prolific that I'm happy to have people see my work. It doesn't do much good, packed away in boxes or dresser drawers. This site is just a small slice of what I've been working on. I'm sure it will grow.

I'm also interested in any response you may have to my work (pro or con or in between). I've always been interested in what the audience, the public thinks of my work. This is just as important to me as the reactions of critics and arts writers. I've always tried to get my work "out there."

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Enjoy!


Maurice Greenia, Jr. (aka Maugre)
August 2007
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