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Fr. Edward J. Dowling, S.J. Marine Historical Collection
Original name: Welcome

Other name(s): Joseph H. Callan; South Carolina; Tulagi

Ship owner: Admiral Tug & Barge Co.; Clark Towing Co.; Great Lakes Towing Co.; Milwaukee Tug Boat Line

Ship builder: Manitowoc Shipbuilding Co., Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Engine builder: Filer & Stowell, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Engine re-builder: General Motors

Year ship built: 1925

Year engine built: 1875

Location engine built: Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Original high-pressure non-condensing engine from Welcome of 1876.  Rebuilt to diesel in 1955 by General Motors with 12 cyl., 8.5, stroke 10 in.


b) Joseph H. Callan

c) South carolina (1972)

d) Tulagi

e) South Carolina (1983)


1) Milwaukee Tug Boat Line

2) Clark Towing Co.

3) Great Lakes Towing Co.

4) Admiral Tug & Barge Co.

5) Great Lakes Towing Co. (1983)

Registry number: US.224431

Hull number: 215

Vessel type: Tug

Height: 11.3

Width: 21.1

Length: 79.6

Stroke length: 26

Gross tonnage: 99

Net tonnage: 67

Materials: Steel

Engine type: High pressure non-condensing

Piston 3: 24

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