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An Historical Exploration of Father Charles E. Coughlins Influence

Other Charles E. Coughlin sites

There are literally thousands of sites that mention Father Coughlin in some way or another — general searches using the major search engines, in fact, return hundreds of thousands of potential sources. Even assuming that 2% may be relevant leaves the researcher with thousands to sort through. Listed below are six sites that provide some general information about Father Coughlin, emphasizing the period of the publication of Social Justice and his radio broadcasts, roughly 1930-42, and include some biographical information. There are many other sites that have the same information; these are currently the most reliable locations.

The criteria used in selecting these sites were:

  1. 1. emphasis on factual data about Father Coughlin and his publications and broadcasts
  2. 2. expectation that the site will remain available
  3. 3. inclusion of sites in which historical interpretation is balanced and encourages discussion and further investigation

    Between the Wars: The Radio Priest
    This site contains a brief summary of Father Coughlin's role in the politics of the 1930's, notably on relation to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    Charles Edward Coughlin
    This site contains a brief history of Father Coughlin's life, with emphasis on the period from the founding of the Shrine of the Little Flower Parish through the Second World War.

    Religious Movements Homepage: Father Charles E. Coughlin; National Union for Social Justice
    This site contains an outline history of the National Union for Social Justice, founded by Father Coughlin in 1934.

    Social Security History: Father Charles E. Coughlin
    This and the following site present documents from the founding of the National Union for Social Justice.

    Social Security History: Father Coughlin and the Search for "Social Justice"

    The American Experience: Reverend Charles E. Coughlin (1891-1979)
    This is from the PBS series America and the Holocaust; it describes Father Coughlin's use of radio and his involvement with politics of the 1930s.

    July 2007

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