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Convocation is defined as a group of people called together by directive, especially in an academic setting. Convocations are also often referred to as Faculty Assembly.

The University of Detroit Mercy has primarily held two types of convocations. The first is the annual convocation called by the president of the university. The purpose of the convocations is for the President to provide a "state of the university" speech and the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs to provide a "state of academic affairs" overview. Over the years, convocations have also provided an opportunity to introduce new faculty, staff, and/or administrators and to honor those individuals who have retired from the university during the previous academic year. For many years, a booklet was distributed in which the Deans of the colleges/schools and the Deans of the academic support units provided annual reports on their respective unit’s successes and challenges. As time went on annual reports from major administrative offices, such as student life and admissions and enrollment management were added to the booklet.

When viewed collectively, the booklets provide an ongoing history of the university. The annual reports have covered curricular changes, individual recognitions such as awards and grants received, new resources being provided to the university community, and community outreach efforts. In addition, changes in leadership, whether at the presidential or dean level, growth in specific programs as the faculty numbers increased, and the retirement or death of long serving members of the university are noted.

The second of the UDM Convocations is he Honors Convocation. Annually, the University of Detroit Mercy (previously University of Detroit and Mercy College of Detroit) recognizes those students who have achieved scholastic and service honors, special awards, and scholarships. Booklets are printed lising students named to the National Honor Societies, such as Alpha Psi Omega, and Kappa Gamma Pi.

Margaret E. Auer, Dean Emeritus
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