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University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry

Sixty Ninth

Date (of event): 2002-05-18

Location: Saint Scholastica Church

University president : Fay, Maureen A., O.P.

School: School of Dentistry

Invocation: Krause, Bridget Deegan; Krause, Bridget Deegan

Speaker / Address: Boyd, Marcia A., D.D.S.; Boyd, Marcia A., D.D.S.; Fay, Maureen A., O.P.; Fay, Maureen A., O.P.; Grozelle, Stephanie K.; Grozelle, Stephanie K.; Marriott, Robert, D.D.S.; Marriott, Robert, D.D.S.; Parisi, Sue A.; Parisi, Sue A.; Steiman, H. Robert; Steiman, H. Robert

Honorary Degree Recipient: Boyd, Marcia A., D.D.S.; Boyd, Marcia A., D.D.S.

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