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Subtitle: The Outbreak in Virginia.

Title: Anglo-African Magazine - November, 1859

Speaker or author: editor

Newspaper or publication: Anglo-African Magazine (1859 - 1860)

Detailed account of the raid on Harper's Ferry by John Brown published originally in the Baltimore American and New York Herald. Included is an interview with John Brown shortly after his capture, and a brief account of his statements before the Grand Jury before his trial.

Description of file(s): eight scanned magazine pages (14 columns)

Title: Charles Henry Langston

Speaker or author: Langston, C. H. (Charles Henry), b. 1821?

Newspaper or publication: Presscopy -- State Historical Society of Wisconsin -- Pamphlet Collection

Eloquent speech delivered before a court about to pronounce sentence on the speaker for his actions in working against the Fugitive Slave Law. After his impassioned call for reason, justice, and humanity in the exercising of the Fugitive Slave Law, the speaker was fined $100 and sentenced to 20 days in jail.

Description of file(s): PDF 13 page, 4,108 word document (text and images)

Title: John Mercer Langston

Speaker or author: Langston, John Mercer, 1829-1897.

Newspaper or publication: Anti-Slavery Bugle

The speaker stressed that where there is one person legally enslaved in the U.S., there is no liberty for anyone. Slavery makes slaves of us all. When a government encourages slavery, it evokes a need to control the slaves. This requires laws which limit freedom for everyone. The speaker offered examples to substantiate his ideas.

Description of file(s): PDF 12 page, 3,349 word document (text and images)

Subtitle: Are Negroes Susceptible of High Culture.

Title: Pacific Appeal - July 19, 1862

Speaker or author: editor

Newspaper or publication: Pacific Appeal (1862 - 188?)

The writer shares commentary from the principal of Oberlin College who explains that in his experience, there's no marked distinction on average between the races in terms of intelligence and learning ability.

Description of file(s): one scanned, two columned, newspaper page

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