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Subtitle: Young Men's Associations -- Slavery.

Title: Provincial Freeman - May 16, 1857

Speaker or author: editor

Newspaper or publication: Provincial Freeman (1853 - 1859)

As the Young Men's Christian Association establishes itself in Canada, the writer wonders aloud how this organization with its emphasis on brotherhood will receive those of African descent. The writer then focuses on the influence of Christianity and the Church on racial prejudice that is increasing in Canada.

Description of file(s): three scanned newspaper pages (five columns)

Subtitle: United States and Canada -- a Parallel.

Title: Provincial Freeman - October 13, 1855

Speaker or author: editor

Newspaper or publication: Provincial Freeman (1853 - 1859)

The author makes a comparison between the authority in the U.S. government of the "slave power," and the similar authority the Canadian government has given to the Roman Catholic Church.

Description of file(s): two scanned, two columned, newspaper pages

Subtitle: An Archbishop on the War.

Title: Weekly Anglo-African - October 19, 1861

Speaker or author: editor

Newspaper or publication: Weekly Anglo-African (1859 - 1862)

Detailed commentary on a letter written by Archbishop Hughes regarding slavery, religion, government, and the current war. The Archbishop insists that the Civil War is not about freeing the slaves, but about whether the entire country should be "...a slaveholding Republic, in which labor is performed by slaves either black or white."

Description of file(s): four scanned newspaper pages (7 columns)

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