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Educator; President, Ohio State University

Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters



The Lord richly praised the man who was given extra talents and used them wisely. You have invested your many talents with uncommon generosity in a life of distinguished service to your country and to the cause of higher education. As Special Assistant in the Truman White House, Presidential appointee to the Wage Stabilization Board, and member of many important national committees, you have never hesitated to serve the pressing needs of your country. Higher education has claimed your almost total attention for the past twenty years. You became President of Cleveland State University in 1966, during a time of intense growth and expansion, and in 1972 you were appointed ninth President of Ohio State University, one of the country's great centers of learning. Meanwhile, you served successively on five different commissions on international education, and in 1974 you were chosen as a member of the first delegation of American university president to visit the People's Republic of China. Today you are active in the persistent problems of financial higher education. Dr. Enarson, your career is indeed a remarkable record of distinguished public service, an example for all of us of talents wisely and generously used. Reverend President, it is my privilege to present Dr. Harold L. Enarson for the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters. Commencement, University of Detroit, May 10, 1975.

University of Detroit

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