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United States Appeals Court Judge

Honorary Doctor of Laws



Through your wisdom, compassion and dedication you have devoted yourself to the service of the people in this city, state and country. You played an important role in the beginning of the autoworkers union before serving on the Detroit Housing Commission. You next distinguished yourself for eight years as a member of the Detroit Common Council, serving as president of that body for four years. These civic involvements were met by equally successful efforts in the private practice of law. Your legal expertise grew increasingly evident with your balanced and scholarly decisions, first as a judge in Wayne County Juvenile Court, later in Wayne County Circuit Court and then as a Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court. Your sensitivity to social justice and record as a model of integrity assured you a place in the hearts of police officers and the citizens of this city, when you accepted the challenge to act as Commissioner of the Detroit Police Department. The trust and admiration you earned was rewarded with your appointment 18 years ago to the United States Court of Appeals. As Chief Judge of the Court's Sixth Circuit in Cincinnati, you continue to demonstrate to us that our system of laws - when interpreted with courage, vision and sensitivity - can truly achieve liberty and justice for all. It is indeed then, a great privilege to confer upon you the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws. Commencement, University of Detroit, School of Law, May 9, 1981.

University of Detroit

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