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Upon Mother Mary Ursula Dunn for that during twenty-five years she has labored in hospitals to the effect that she has erected or enlarged seven hospitals in various parts of Iowa and Michigan, has given to these same institutions six nurses homes, has labored to bring these hospitals to the highest point of scientific efficiency, has improved the standards of nursing according to the ideals of the American Hospital Association and of the Catholic Hospital Association, has improved standards in the hospitals under her care to the point where they have been approved for interns by the American College of Surgeons, for that she has added to this success the greater achievement of an unfailing Christian charity and kindliness which have made it a pleasure for her co-workers to labor with her, in this year of her Silver Jubilee of service, the University of Detroit confers, for the sake of honor its degree of Doctor of Laws. Commencement, University of Detroit, June 12, 1931.

University of Detroit

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