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Theologian, Author, Teacher, Scholar and Man of God

Honorary Doctor of Theology



In your many writings and twenty years of teaching, you have always been a model of scholarly care, combining dedication to the Church with an open-minded appreciation of the views of all. In a time of confusion, you have been noteworthy for the clarity of your thought. In an era of publicity-seeking, you have been modest and self-effacing, in an age of extremes, you have given an example of balance and moderation. In a period of polemics, you have sought to heal wounds and to reconcile differences. You have spoken for a legitimate pluralism in the face of attempts to impose uniformity. You have been concerned to preserve the truths of the past and to make them speak meaningfully to the present. You have sought to gather up what is good in all positions and to integrate it into a comprehensive vision of faith. You have encouraged dialogue both within the Roman Catholic Church and between the churches. In an age of distrust, you have helped others to trust; in a time of discouragement, you have been a man of hope and resiliency. The University of Detroit feels itself honored by your acceptance of its degree of Honorary Doctorate of Theology. Commencement, University of Detroit, May 13, 1987.

University of Detroit

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