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Joining the University of Detroit Department of Philosophy in 1946 Dr. Turner reached the rank of full Professor prior to 1968.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Michael’s College Toronto Ontario Canada in 1933 and earned both a Master’s of Philosophy (1937) and a Doctor of Philosophy (1940) from the University of Toronto in Ontario Canada.

Dr. Turner was named as Chairman of the Department of Philosophy in 1962 by Malcolm Carron, S.J., Dean of the College of Arts and Science. A University of Detroit Press Release of August 20, 1962 notes “Dr. Turner is one of the comparatively few men in America to have received a Pontifical Licentiate in Medieval studies (LMS in 1940) from the Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies at Toronto, Canada.  He studied there under the direction of noted scholastic philosophers Jacques Maritain and Etienne Gilson and has prepared numerous articles relative to mediaeval studies for the Book of Knowledge of the Grolier Encyclopedia.”

Dr. Turner was a member of the national executive council of the American Catholic Philosophical Association, Phi Sigma Tau, a national philosophy honor society, and the American Society of University Professors.  As a well-known lecturer throughout Michigan, he also contributed to such publications as The New Scholasticism and The Jesuit Educational Quarterly.

There is no further information in Dr. Turner’s archive file as to when he retired or the date when he was honored with the Professor Emeritus status.

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