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Jerzy Staniszkis was born in Kutno, Poland and had a stellar career before immigrating to the U.S. becoming a naturalized citizen in 1970.  He earned a degree of Architectural Engineer and Master of Technical Sciences from the Polytechnical University, Warsaw Poland in 1949.  Before joining University of Detroit in 1962 as an Associate Professor of Architecture he held positions of Architectural Design for the Department of Architecture at the Polytechnical University; Associate Professor of Architecture, Design & Graphics at the State School of Fine Arts, Poznan, Poland; and Professor of  Design at University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq. He received tenure at University of Detroit in 1962 and was promoted to full Professor in 1972.

For the School of Architecture he coordinated the Internal-arts program (1966), was Chairman of Visual Communication (1966-67, 1972-73), a member of the Committee of Graduate Studies (1971), Coordinator of Final thesis (1969-1973), Coordinator of Design and Communication (1974-75), and member of the College Rank and Tenure Committee.  He also actively served on the student exchange with Warsaw Polytechnical University and exhibition exchange with Cracow Polytechnical University committees.  He taught urban design, history of urban design, building design, interior design, exhibition design, and visual communication.

His research and professional experience includes crown trust structure, air curtain, cable structures, modular furniture, exhibition design, and mobile pavilion.  He holds five Gold Medals in Polish or international competitions, fairs and exhibitions; 12 first prizes, 4 second prizes, 3 third prizes and 11 citations for his designs.  Professor Staniszkis’ resume lists more than fifty urban designs, buildings and interiors designs, a number of citations to his designs which were built, graphic arts awards, and published works.

One of the first solar-energy churches in the nation which was designed by Professor Staniszkis was constructed in Sterling Heights Michigan.  The church was built for the Society of Christ, a small Polish Catholic order of priests which has its North American headquarters on the same street.

Cranbrook Academy of Art Department of Architecture sponsored an exhibit of Professor Staniszkis’ work.  In the invitation announcing the exhibit the Head of the department wrote “Throughout his career here and abroad he has always emphasized the concept that architecture is more than buildings, moreover this architect in the truest sense of the word practices architecture as an art form.  He has consistently incorporated the fine arts disciplines in his architecture.”

In his Professor Emeritus nomination letter, Bruno Leon, Dean, School of Architecture, wrote “In terms of teaching, he has been nominated twice by our Faculty Council to receive the Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award, he has taught across many subject matters of architectural concern such as design, communication, theory, urban planning, interiors, landscape architecture and history.  He has always been thorough and dedicated in preparing to teach students, even in areas where he did not have great background.  This was particularly evident when the School of Architecture first began and we all had to carry extensive loads and responsibilities.  There is no question that he has the respect and admiration of his former and present students.”

University of Detroit President, Fr. Robert A. Mitchell, S.J., notified Professor Staniszkis of receiving the honor of Professor Emeritus on August 31, 1987.  In his letter, President Mitchell wrote: “As you know, the status of Professor Emeritus is one enjoyed by a small number of faculty.  It singles you out from many as one who has given many years of outstanding teaching and distinguished service to the University.  You merit this honor, Jerzy.  Your teaching in many aspects of Architecture has always been informed and thorough.  You were very instrumental in designing and implementing the curricula when the School of Architecture was founded.”

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