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Dr. Daniel B. Kennedy joined the University of Detroit in 1977 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice, the department later renamed Criminal Justice and Security Administration to address the broadening focus of the courses and degree programs.  During reorganization of the College of Liberal Arts & Education the Sociology Department was merged with the Criminal Justice and Security Administration Department and renamed Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice.  Dr. Kennedy was promoted to Associate Professor on August 16, 1980, granted tenure in September, 1982, and promoted to full Professor in September 1986.

Serving as Chairman of the department from May 1978 until June 1993, he was responsible for faculty recruitment, administration of two off-campus programs in addition to the on-campus program, and new program development.  Dr. Kennedy designed the Master of Science in Security Administration program and the Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Development.

In the nomination letter the author wrote “He has been instrumental in program development in the Department throughout his career at U of D and UDM.  Specifically, he shaped the Criminal Justice program that he inherited, he single handedly developed the Security Administration program, he designed the Human Services bachelor’s program, and he was the first to instigate the Intelligence Analysis master’s.”

Dr. Kennedy taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in Criminal Justice, Security Administration, and Intelligence Analysis.  He was described as a “solid teacher” and he “served our students in the classroom very, very well.”  Students indicated that he “shared knowledge based upon his own experiences; had a lot of experience to back up his claims, had a lot of good and relevant handouts; and extensive knowledge of the subject matter.”

The author of a biographical statement of Dr. Kennedy wrote “Since completing his formal education, Dr. Kennedy has had extensive specialized training in various aspects of criminal behavior, policing operations, corrections operations, and private sector security management.  He successfully tested for the Certified Protection Professional designation in 1984 and has been recertified every three years since.  For the past several years, he has also studied terrorism, antiterrorism, and counterterrorism through participation in focused training across the U.S. and abroad.”  More specifically, he has had training in Suicidology, Soft Target Awareness, Frontline Responder, Urbanization and Security, Forensic Science and Grave Excavation, Threat Assessment, Sexual Violence: Perpetrators and Victims, and Shopping Center Security Management.

During his career at UD and UDM, he served as a Senator on the University Student-Faculty Senate, Chairman of the Rank and Tenure Committee of the School of Education and Human Services, as a member of the Deans’ Council, on the University Planning Committee, and on the President’s Honorary Degree Nominations Committee.

A supporter of his nomination for this honor wrote “Dr. Kennedy’s massive record of scholarly research and publications is astounding.  He is a nationally recognized scholar in a number of specialties.  His research and consulting work has positively carried the University of Detroit Mercy name across the nation and throughout the world.  He is a distinguished scholar in every sense of the word.”  Another nominator wrote “He has maintained a high level of research involvement throughout his career.  He maintained this involvement long after there was any payoff or incentive for doing so other than the professionalism of contributing to the literature.  His record of publications over the past three years [2004-2007] is more indicative of someone first applying for tenure rather than someone ‘phasing out.’”

He has been published in the Journal of Applied Security Research, Police Quarterly, Encyclopedia of Security Management, Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Handbook of Security, Encyclopedia of Criminology, Journal of Business and Psychology, Security Journal, Policing, Journal of Criminal Justice, The Trial Lawyer, FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, Criminal Justice and Behavior, Crime Victims Litigation Quarterly, Trial Diplomacy Journal, American Jails, Criminal Justice Review, Security Management, and many more.

The biographical statement also indicates that Dr. Kennedy developed an expertise in forensic criminology and has “participated in litigations as an expert witness.  He has testified numerous times in cases involving state police agencies, municipal police departments, and county sheriffs’ departments.  His testimony generally involves explaining to jurors the appropriate standards of care for the use of deadly force, vehicle pursuits, emergency psychiatric evaluations, prisoner health care, prevention of prisoner suicide, positional asphyxia/excited delirium, and ‘suicide by cop.’”

Dr. Daniel B. Kennedy’s nomination for Professor Emeritus was approved and conferred by Fr. Gerard L. Stockhausen, S.J., Ph.D. President, University of Detroit Mercy on August 18, 2008.

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