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Professor, Decision Science, College of Business Administration

Faculty Excellence Award



Dr. Gregory Ulferts joined the College of Business Administration at the University of Detroit in 1983.  Throughout his distinguished career, he has consistently proven himself to be an excellent teacher, scholar, administrator, and servant-leader.

Dr. Ulferts demands high quality and helps his students achieve it.  His student evaluations are outstanding, even though he teaches courses often considered the most difficult in the business field.  It is not unusual for the evaluations to read that students consider Dr. Ulferts as “one of the best teachers at the university” and his courses as “unique” and “valuable learning experiences” with “great discussions.”  In particular, the students appreciate the tremendous energy and depth of experience that he brings to the classroom.  Religion and social development are integrated into activities and leadership discussions during his International Experiences course.  He encourages students to engage in student activities and has served as the faculty advisor to several student organizations.

As a scholar, Dr. Ulferts’ record is prolific.  In the last ten years, he has made over one hundred intellectual contributions, including fifty refereed articles and presentations.  His contributions to submitting and securing national and state grants for the community are significant.  Dr. Ulferts was recognized by the Decision Sciences Institute for his contribution to the profession.  He was involved in the redesign of the national workforce development system.  Through his efforts, nationally and in Michigan, the business leadership network was established to collaborate with employers who are concerned about disability issues in the workplace and the marketplace.  Without question, Dr. Ulferts’ scholarship and professional leadership have brought recognition to University of Detroit Mercy.

Dr. Ulferts has served as a leader within the College of Business Administration and on numerous department, college, and university committees.  He currently serves as executive director for the International Association of Jesuit Business Schools and Alpha Iota Delta, the International Honor Society for Decision Sciences.  He is also vice chairman for Financial Executives International.  In addition, Dr. Ulferts is well-known for his commitment and engagement to numerous organizations within the community.

Dr.  Ulferts’ accomplishments and many contributions have brought recognition to the College of Business Administration and the University.  He is deserving of the Faculty Excellence Award.

Dr. Ulfert was presented by Joseph Eisenhauer, Dean, College of Business Administration and the Faculty Excellence Award was presented by Pamela Zarkowski, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs University of Detroit Mercy on November 14, 2014.

University of Detroit Mercy

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