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Assistant Professor, McAuley School of Nursing and College of Health Professions

Faculty Achievement Award



Dr. Molly McClelland joined the McAuley School of Nursing at UDM in 2008.  Since that time she has demonstrated promise and excellence in teaching and scholarship.  She has enthusiastically embraced the teaching role, providing leadership to the undergraduate and graduate nursing programs.

Her clinical expertise is in medical-surgical nursing and she holds preparation as a clinical nurse specialist.  This expertise is evident in her scholarship and informs her teaching.  Dr. McClelland has assumed leadership of didactic and clinical experiences of undergraduate students and has championed innovative pedagogical techniques to transform nursing education.

Dr. McClelland has worked collaboratively with Dr. Darrell Kleinke and others in the College of Engineering & Science in a multidisciplinary effort to provide unique assistive devices to disabled individuals.  Involving student from both nursing and mechanical engineering, these efforts have provided a unique opportunity for interprofessional education and scholarship.  Dr. McClelland was recognized by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing with a prestigious 2011 Innovations in Nursing Professional Education Award.  First lady Michelle Obama lauded these efforts in a speech at the University of Pennsylvania earlier this year.

Combining her interest in linguistics with nursing, Dr. McClelland’s doctoral dissertation examined metaphors as a linguistic expression of chronic illness.  She continues to develop this methodology and has extended her research to study the experiences of urban children with asthma.  This research along with the collaborative work on assistive devices has received funding and has been disseminated to the profession through presentations and publication.

During the last year, Dr. McClelland has provided leadership to the McAuley School of Nursing as it undergoes significant curricular revision.  She has also served on the University Undergraduate Program Review and more recently, the search committee for the dean of Engineering & Science.

Her passion for teaching is contagious among faculty.  She is an exemplar of our mission to promote student-centeredness and is a credit to the McAuley School of Nursing and the University.

Dr. McClelland was presented by Christine Pacini, Dean, McAuley School of Nursing and College of Health Professions and the Faculty Achievement Award was presented by Antoine M. Garibaldi, President of University of Detroit Mercy on November 30, 2012.

University of Detroit Mercy

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