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Associate Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science, College of Engineering & Science

Faculty Achievement Award



Dr. Abhijit Dasgupta joined UDM’s Mathematics Department in 2004, and quickly became an outstanding teacher and colleague, a great student mentor, and is involved in service to UDM and the global community.

Since joining UDM, Dr. Dasgupta has taught eighteen different course preparations in twelve terms, covering all areas of mathematics at all levels (1000-5000), with an instructor average of 4.54.  In addition to significant course developments, he often uses new methodology, such as the Moore methods.  Guided by him, students have conducted research which was presented in UDM’s Research Symposium and Poster Fair.  Student comments just from the last term include:

“He is simply the best.”
“One of my favorite Math teachers.”
“If I take further math courses, I would prefer to have this instructor.”
“Dasgupta is an amazing teacher.”
“He is the best math professor I have ever had.”
“Having Dasgupta changed everything.”
“This was the best math course by far that I have taken here at UDM or any other college,” etc.

Dr. Dasgupta’s scholarship spans widely across many classical areas, including mathematical logic, descriptive set theory, measure and probability theory, real and functional analysis, topology, non-standard analysis, algorithmic information theory, and the philosophy of randomness.  He has published many papers in refereed journals such as the Journal of Symbolic Logic, Journal of Mathematical Analysis, the American Mathematical Monthly, and other top AMS journals.  Recently, his invited contribution has appeared in the prestigious Handbook of the Philosophy of Science, and was reviewed in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Dr. Dasgupta’s service ranges equally widely, from departmental, college level (Faculty Grant Incentive Program Committee), and University level (Graduate Standards and Retention Committee) service to far beyond, reaching out to the global community outside UDM.  A Google search on his contributions to the York University topology forum brings up more than one-hundred and fifty independent contributions by him.  He also regularly contributes to the free open-source software community, and has donated open hardware designs to the global technology community.

Dr. Dasgupta was presented by Leo E. Hanifin, Dean, College of Engineering & Science and the Faculty Achievement Award was presented by Michael Joseph, Interim President of University of Detroit Mercy on November 12, 2010.


University of Detroit Mercy

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