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Vice President and General Counsel, General Motors Corporation

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Nurtured in New England’s genteel tradition of Emerson, Lowell, and Holmes, Mr. Aloysius Power came West with wise counsel and has left his imprint upon legal affairs in the world of international business.  With a lawyer’s circumspection, he has, indeed, shaped industrial legal policy.

Recognizing his energy, imagination, and devotion to the theory and practice of law, an Eastern college has bestowed upon Mr. Power an honorary Doctor of Laws degree, an accolade which he bears with equanimity and reserved pride.

Remembering his early satisfaction as a teacher of mathematics in his pre-legal years, he has remained close in spirit to the American educational dream.  As one of Christian principle, legal acuity, and social concern for a citizenry educated in values, Mr. Power shares his breadth and depth of vision with Mercy College of Detroit as a member of the President’s Council.  He blends the commitment of Horace Mann with the ideals of Blackstone, in unparalleled persuasion for integrity and full justice.

Awarded this second day of June, 1965.

Mercy College of Detroit

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