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Mercy College of Detroit, as a Michigan institution, cites with honor the devotion and continuing dedication of one of Michigan’s citizens to the betterment of education and citizenship for the people of his state.

His recent establishing of a foundation to further science, education and charitable projects with his personal benefactions, and his lengthy service both with the United States Department of State and as a member of the United States House of Representatives should also be cited by those of us who are so appreciative of efforts for better schooling and better government.

Because of his efforts in the governmental field, this state has a better constitution; and because of his devotion to the higher ideals of education, and his practical recognition of its problems, Mercy College of Detroit herewith accords this Citation of Honor to Mr. Alvin Bentley.

Awarded this fifth day of June, 1963 by Sister Mary Lucille, RSM, President, Mercy College of Detroit.

Mercy College of Detroit

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