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Chairman of the Board, Aronsson Printing Company

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Worthy successor to Gutenburg, Maurice Aronsson left his native Sweden at seventeen.  Here with America’s promise and opportunity, he has placed his image and his hallmark bold and large upon the pages of Detroit’s living history as a contemporary pioneer in his profession.

Firmly believing that “the greatest of these is charity,” Mr. Aronsson has chaired outstandingly successful drives for the United Foundations and the Allied Jewish Campaigns.

Wherever there has been a human need in the city of Detroit, Maurice Aronsson has always been there, quietly, and most often anonymously, organizing, subtly directing and managing without title or recognition.

Always a champion of human welfare, he has etched his name deeply upon the religious, fraternal, business and civic streams of metropolitan Detroit where he has made his home.  He has set as standard an enviable record of unselfish service to charitable causes which support the dignity of man.

For his distinguished multi-faceted accomplishments, Mr. Maurice Aronsson is honored this day.

Awarded the second day of June, 1965.

Mercy College of Detroit

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