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Mayor, Lansing Michigan

Honorary Doctor of Laws



The background information is quoted from Biographies - Mayors of Lansing "John Crotty, 1888 A learned scholar, and Lansing's only bachelor mayor, John Crotty was chief executive of the city in 1888. He is still remembered by older residents here as a man of broad knowledge and probably one of the best known personalities of his time locally, he and a brother operated a book store in the 200 block of N. Washington ave., which was a mecca for book lovers throughout central Michigan. Mr. Crotty was reported to have read every book sold through his store. Mr. Crotty's command of the English language and his store of knowledge deeply impressed many great personalities who visited the city." The Honorary Doctor of Laws degree was conferred on the Honorable Mr. Crotty during the Jubilee Celebration, University of Detroit, October 11, 1927.

University of Detroit

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