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As an eminent authority on constitutional law, a lifelong activist for civil rights, and a scholar of local government problems and policies, you truly bear an idealogical likeness to the Founding Fathers of this nation. In the more than thirty years during which you have taught as well as practiced law, you have shared your wisdom and insight with those students who are and will be the future lawyers of this country. Most importantly, you have shared with them your inspiration and your awe for the great possibility that is America. Always one of the most popular and respected professors, you have earned the great affection of the hundreds of students who have benefited from your instruction. Your numerous publications and texts on modern constitutional law have become accepted as cornerstones for the study of contemporary constitutional issues. Your involvement with the struggle for the voting rights of minorities in this country extend to the earliest days of the movement and reflect your determination to obtain justice for all despite much opposition. Your position as Founder and Executive Director of the International Society of the Study of Comparative Public Law, and your resulting involvement in the creation and realization of constitutional governments in developing countries, stand as a testament to your commitment to democracy on a world-wide scale. It is with great pleasure and admiration, then, that the University confers upon you the Degree of Honorary Doctor of Laws. Commencement, University of Detroit, School of Law, May 20, 1978.

University of Detroit

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