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Ella Sue Coleman Carter.  BS Social Studies 1962.  Ella is retired from the Detroit Public Schools where she taught language arts and social studies to grades one through six.  Prior to retiring, she was the Chairman of the election Committee for the Detroit Federation of Teachers.  She is the Leader of the Birthmonths Council at Hartford Memorial Baptist Church.  Under Ella’s Presidency, the Detroit District of the American legion Auxiliary helped the under-privileged, promoted flag etiquette, donated to nursing homes, the Detroit Zoo and the Humane Society, and sold the veteran-made poppy.  For the Salvation Army’s Denby Memorial Children’s Home she has continued to demonstrate her concern for the children with her financial support and special service effort. Ella also helps at the V.A. Medical Center in Allen Part escorting patients to therapy or doctor appointments.  At the St. Francis Home for Boys they know her to be a very special person who is willing to reach out and work with angry, hurting youngsters.

The award was presented by Sr. Maureen A. Fay, O.P., President, Mercy College of Detroit on May 14, 1988.

Mercy College of Detroit

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