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Chairman of the Board, Crain Communications Inc.

Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters



As Chairperson of Crain Communication Inc., an international publishing empire, you have been instrumental in introducing innovations that have increased the overall standards of written and electronic communications As an early critic of television violence, you were active in urging restraints before many advertising and communication organizations. Your actions made the world take a closer look at a medium that was affecting our most precious assets...the children. Today's quality network standards which provide more educational programming are a direct result of your efforts to use the press in a positive manner to educate the masses. Your legacy of achievements is monumental in business circles, and in so many other civic and cultural settings. Frequently lauded for your deep sense of integrity and your keen business mind, you have remained dedicated to your convictions of honesty and fairness to all. As a founding member of the "Committee of 200," an organization comprised of the top 200 entrepreneur women business owners and CEO's in the country, you have spearheaded a movement that promotes the advancement of working women and the improvements of the entire American Workforce. You have shared your wisdom with virtually every innovative organization that promotes good will on the local, state and national levels...a debt that can never be repaid. For the exemplary use of your vast talents and the many contributions you have made today and in the future, we are proud to present to you the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters. Commencement, University of Detroit, May 14, 1988.

University of Detroit

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