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Chief Justice, Michigan Supreme Court

Honorary Doctor of Laws



During your illustrious legal career, you have distinguished yourself as an outstanding jurist and have been widely recognized for your unwavering dedication, leadership and service to the Michigan judicial system and the citizens of this state. When elected Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court in January 2001, you pledged to uphold the highest standards of public service and to build consensus among the other justices. As overseer of all Michigan courts, you have been actively involved in ensuring that judges throughout the system administer justice consistently, promptly and efficiently. Your concern for children has resulted in your recent efforts to reform Michigan Friend of the Court Procedure, making the child-support system more timely and responsive. Since your graduation from University of Detroit School of Law, you have had an illustrious legal career, serving in the Wayne County persecuting attorney's office and the United States Attorney's Office in Detroit, where you were the first woman to be promoted to the position of Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney. In 1992, you were appointed by Governor John Engler to the Michigan Court of Appeals, where you served with distinction for six years, including two years as Chief Judge. Then in 1998, you were elected to the Michigan Supreme Court for an eight-year term, where you currently serve as Chief Justice. In addition, you have shared your time and expertise through your participation in several professional organizations and your support of numerous community activities. You have been published in various legal journals and have taught at Wayne State University Law School, the Michigan Judicial Institute and the American Bar Association Appellate Practice Institute, among others. Highly respected by your colleagues for your knowledge and fairness in interpreting the law, as well as for your Irish good humor, you have been the recipient of numerous honors, including recognition for Outstanding Performance as an Assistant U.S. Attorney from the U.S. Department of Justice, and recognition as an Outstanding Practitioner of Criminal Law by the Federal Bar Association. In recognition of your dedication to justice, your years of public service and your leadership on the Michigan judicial system, the University of Detroit Mercy is proud to confer upon you the Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree. Commencement, University of Detroit Mercy, School of Law, May 12, 2002.

University of Detroit Mercy

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