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         Active U. of D. Alumni and Alumnae Association work has been a major portion of the Marge (Mrs. Murray A.) Percival curriculum since her graduation from the College of Commerce and Finance (BS degree) in 1947.  She has managed reunion planning, multi-committee complexities and fund raising efforts while playing a dual homemaker-career girl role.

     Marge’s priority interests are husband, Murray, a local manufacturer’s representative, and children, Pam, Murray Jr. and Mark.  Her extra-curricular career (she’s a freelance fashion model and charm school instructress) has meshed neatly with U. of D. projects.  She has worn the triple hat well.

     In the fashion world Marge has helped coordinate showings, purchase, merchandise and model.  As a charm school instructress, she has prepared and presented basic techniques in good grooming to varied teen groups.  For U. of D. it has been time consuming dedication via promotion and long-range planning.  She was second vice-president and Board of Directors member of the Alumni in 1960-61 and sat on the Board of the Alumnae from 1958 to 1963, served as vice-president in 1960 and president in 1961.

     This evening’s Tower Award is presented to Marge Percival in tribute both to her efforts and personability – for she’s affectionately known as U. of D. people as “a great girl.”

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