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Since his graduation from the U. of D. Arts and Science School in 1933 (Ph.B. degree) Thomas J. Burke has pledged himself to university, civic and charitable endeavors.  He has kept in tune with university needs via the President’s Cabinet – as a member – and the Alumni Association, as past president and four year term on the Board of Directors.  Involvement to Tom has implied work – and that’s just what he has turned out for the Titan Club, the Gus Dorais Foundation Development Fund Committee, Memorial Fund Drive and other varied projects through his post graduate years.

Leadership is part of the Tom Burke image.  He’s president of Thomas J. Burke and Associates, vice-president of the National Association of Executive Recruiters and a member of the Board of Director of Industrial Relations Staff Services.  In August, 1968 he was elected precinct delegate for the Oakland County Republican Party.

Tom and his wife, Evelyn (a Marygrove graduate), are active at St. Ives Church, Southfield, where they live.

It is men like Tom Burke who have helped propel University of Detroit to its present educational, cultural and community status.  The University says “thank you” by way of Tower Award, 1968.

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