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Background information was gathered from an introduction of Dr. Clark provided by Ferris State University as part of the dedication of Clark Hall at Ferris State. The introduction was written for the Dedication Program, October 30, 1960. Additional information was gathered from the Big Rapids Pioneer" newspaper dated Feb. 14, 1941, page 1. "Early in the century, Emanuel M. Clark received a communication from W. N. Ferris which stated: 'I have some lambs which need feeding. Will you come?' Thus began the Ferris tenure of a teacher who in the succ3eding years endeared himself to the students of the college as well as residents of Big Rapids. E. M. Clark was born in Oswego, New York, October 17, 1879. He attended Oswego grammar and high schools, and in 1901 graduated from Oswego Normal and Training School, the same school from which Mr. Ferris was graduated. After teaching for six months in Peconic, L.I., Dr. Clark in September 1901, answered the summons of Founder Ferris and joined the college's faculty. His major interests were in the subject of geography and history. In fact, the recognition of his interest and aptitude in things historical led to his election as president of the Michigan Historical Commission for two terms. Made vice-president of Ferris...Dr. Clark had on two different occasions served as acting president of the school. Interested in athletics, he helped develop the intramural athletic program at Ferris.... In addition to his active participation in the field of education, in the clubs and organizations of the school, Dr. Clark found time to be of great service to his community. Prominent in all the affairs of his church, he was also a leader in the Knights of Columbus where he at one time was district deputy, was a member of the Elks, and served as chairman of the Mt. Carmel cemetery board. He was for years a member of the Big Rapids part board, the Community Hospital board and the Muskegon Boy Scout Council of which Big Rapids was a part." (Introduction at dedication of Clark Hall) "Vice-president of Ferris Institute where he had served as a member of the faculty for 40 years, Dr. Clark was widely known through the state not only among Ferris alumni, but in historical and Knights of Columbus groups as well. For his achievements in those field, and in education, he was honored with an honorary 2 degree from the University of Detroit. (The Big Rapids Pioneer) Dr. Clark was awarded the Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree during commencement at the University of Detroit, June 13, 1930.

University of Detroit

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