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H. Clay Howell, President of the United Foundation, is known for his concern for the metropolitan Detroit community.  A native Detroiter and graduate of Michigan State University, he has been an integral part of the U.F.’s growth during the past 27 years into one of the strongest and most successful United Way organizations in the country.  The U.F. currently raises operating funds for 135 charitable organizations in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties through its annual Torch Drive.  Howell joined the United Foundation in 1956 and served as director of several campaign units before being named Associate Campaign Director in 1966.  He served as Vice President-Operations from 1971 to 1973, and was elected Executive Vice President, the top staff position at U.F., in 1974.  Under his guidance in 1971, the United Foundation established its Priorities System of Budgeting and Allocating funds to health and community service programs, which has served as a model for many communities across the United States and Canada.  In June 1982, Howell was named President of the U.F. by the Board of Directors and continues to lead the day-to-day operations of the organization.  Since his election as chief operating officer, the U.F. has raised over $372 million in its annual Torch Drives, held nine successful Urban Fund Campaigns raising over $20 million to support the activities of New Detroit, Inc., and raised over $23 million in a 1977 Capital Fund Campaign to provide a coordinated approach toward meeting the capital needs of the area’s hospitals and agencies.  Howell is involved with national activities also as a member of the national Professional Advisory committee of the united Way of America.

Award was presented at the President’s Cabinet Annual Awards Dinner, April 30, 1983.


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