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Justice, Michigan Supreme Court

Honorary Doctor of Laws



Since your graduation from the University of Detroit Law School in 1966, you have demonstrated that hard work and dedication can lead to the pinnacles of success. As a research attorney for the Michigan Court of Appeals, you have distinguished yourself in many civic, community and legal arenas. Your belief in our justice system has formed a foundation for both your personal and professional life...a model that has inspired others to pursue careers in the legal profession. Constantly busy with the daily rigors of your current position as Michigan Supreme Court Justice, you have served as board chairman for the American Heart Association, president of the Incorporated Society of Irish/American Lawyers, chairman of the board of the Thomas Cooley Law School and a member of the Institute of Judicial Administration at New York University Law School. For your vast contributions, we salute your with this Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree. Commencement, University of Detroit, School of Law, May 14, 1989.

University of Detroit

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