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Since earning your bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Cornell in 1949, you have continuously been an important voice within the field of energy management and distribution.  Throughout your career, you have served not only as an expert in the energy field, but as an advocate of the exploration of new kinds of power and an educator to the public on the potentials of these.  In addition to your leadership within the energy field, you have distinguished yourself by your intelligence and decision-making ability.  These attributes have made you an invaluable asset to the twenty-two corporations and organizations you serve as a director and the seven concerns of which you are a trustee.  You have always given generously of your vast talents, never shying away from a challenge.  This was recently demonstrated when you became Chairman of the Board of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra at a time when the symphony needed strong leadership and a strong plan for the future.  Your contribution to the community is a true testimony to your great leadership capabilities, your unique personality and your deep inner strength.  You have maintained a very down-to-earth and human profile while making a major impact on your industry, but also on your city and state.  Yours is a strength which most of us could only hope to emulate and few of us could match.

Award was presented at the President’s Cabinet Annual Awards Dinner, May 19, 1984.

University of Detroit

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