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Peace and goodwill have become the bywords of your life since you were appointed Director of the Peace Corps in 1981.  As the leader of more than 5,200 volunteers in 62 developing countries around the world, you have indirectly helped thousands of people reach for their full potential, advancing the cause of world peace along the way.  Beginning as a volunteer and civic organizer, you enlarged upon your career, garnering the respect and admiration of co-workers during your work in such capacities as chairperson of the Houghton United Fund, president of the St. Joseph’s Hospital Guild, and an active participant in the successful campaign on your husband, Phillip Ruppe, for election to Congress.  You further demonstrated your exceptional leadership abilities and political savvy as a co-chair for the state of Michigan in the last presidential campaign, before your own political appointment one year later.  A graduate of Marquette University, you have been recognized for your outstanding contribution with numerous honorary degrees.  Your dedication and commitment to public service provide a strong example for women who hope to combine a home and family with a meaningful career, and for everyone who believes in the spirit and ideals of sharing and caring set forth in the Peace Corps charter 23 years ago.

Award was presented at the President’s Cabinet Annual Awards Dinner, May 19, 1984.

University of Detroit

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