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Few people could match the level or breadth of your commitment to improving the quality of life for countless individuals.  While guiding the successful development of your own business, The F.D. Stella Products Company, and engaging in an active family life, you have covered the gamut of public service, from politics to education to the arts.  Your name appears on the roster of nearly every public interest in Detroit, from the Chamber of Commerce to Orchestra Hall, and nationwide from the Republican Party to the Institute for Global Affairs.  Typifying your generous spirit and diversity of talents has been your extraordinary service to the University of Detroit.  You have helped guide this university forward in its mission of excellence in education as a member of the governing Board of Trustees for more than 10 years, as a former president of the National Alumni Association, as a founding member and the first chairman of The President’s Cabinet and in many other leadership capacities.  Every aspect of your life reflects your deep commitment to this nation and its political processes, to the spirit and practice of free enterprise, to the continuation of quality education, to the flourishing of the arts and to equality among all people regardless of their ethnic heritage.  Without your help, institutions such as the University of Detroit, Mt. Carmel Mercy Hospital, the Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center, the Michigan Cancer Foundation, the United Foundation and countless others would not be the same.

Award was presented at the President’s Cabinet Annual Awards Dinner, May 19, 1984.

University of Detroit

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